Japan the restarting of two reactors at Takahama

Japan have different kind of energy,coal,oil,natural gas,coal,gas,nuclear hydroelectric and other renewable energy.  Nuclear   In Japan they use nuclear 11% on nov,30 2017 the governor of fukui :prefecture ,in south west Japan on Nov, 27 2017 approved the restart of Kansa:Electric power co’s oh:3 and oh:4 tors.

Japan will restart the two nuclear. Reactors hear kyoto. In April 2015 court blocked the restarting of two reactors at Takahama nuclear power plant but permitted the restart two reactors at sendai Nuclear .                     Coal     His preference and support is based on utilities and their big customer preference for coal. In 1950 coal supplied half on Japane’s energy needs hydroelectricity one -third,and oil the rest.by 2001 the contribution of oil coal has used 21%.                    Wind      Japan is set to add 300 megawatts of wind capacity- enough to power more than 100,000.

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Through march,Japan’s wind power Association said in a study released .Eurus Energy holding,electric power development and Japan wind development and japan wind and Japan wind has used 17%.                                                                             Where do energy saved       Energy cannot be created or destroyed,but it can be saved in various forms .one way to stored it in a battery .                 Gas      Gas is a clean energy source.

The world’s largest event for the gas in gas industry, will be heard at Makuhari messe, in chiba prefecture, from Tuesday to friday.Gas18%.                  oil       Japan is the third largest oil consumer after the china. It released on oil for about half otitis energy needs.

                      Japan has used 14%.                      Japan has use coal 5%, oil 14%,natural gas 18%,  oil 46%,natural gas 18%,oil 46%,coal 21% ,cas 17%,nuclear 11%,hydroelectric 30%/other renewable 1%.            Japan energy resource met more than 20%. They use when it removal of nuclear power.Japan renewable ,fossil fuel coal,natural gas, coal, and nuclear fission.          This all kind of energy is the japan alway use, and it will be a energy they alway see.


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