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Jamie GerberMusic 153Dr. Dervin29th January, 2018 Written #1I decided to pick Charley Patton’s song, “34 Blues” and Joe Hill Louis’s song, “Boogie in the Park”.

Blues and Rock and Roll were very popular during this time period, as people envy the uniqueness and catchy lyrics. Even though both songs differ, they both do share some similarities. However, the Blues category slowly intertwined within the rock and roll which was a huge hit in the music industry.One of the major differences I noticed right away between both songs were the subject of the lyrics and the tempo.

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Charley Patton’s song is very slow, has a lower vocal tone, and depressing. Where Joe Hill Louis’s song is fast beat and energetic; He sings about dancing and have a good old time. The differences between both songs were very noticeable, as you can hear the lower pace one, compared to fast pace. However,both songs do carry their own uniqueness within the lyrics. Another difference I noticed was the instrumentation used within both songs.

In “34 Blues” the guitar seemed to be the main focus of the song, where in “Boogie in the Park”  incorporates more than just one instrument. “Boogie in the Park” uses a harmonica, and guitar which is very noticeable, because both instruments are very loud and have their solos in the song. Even though the two songs have differences, they also share similarities. One similarity I noticed right off the bat, was how both songs used the guitar as one of their main instruments. It very clear to hear that they use a guitar because of how big of part the guitar plays in the song. Both artists seem to be strumming their guitars, which helps emphasize their wonderful sounds. And lastly, the second similarity I noticed between both songs were the style of the instruments and how they seemed to be an older version of a guitars. Technology wasn’t as advanced back then, therefore, the guitars they were using would be very similar, in the fact that electric guitars weren’t on the market yet.

Even though both songs have different lyrics, tempos, tones and beats, the guitars do sound very similar to each other. 


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