Jake He and his brother move to La(Los

Jake Paul and Team 10  HistoryJake Paul his born in January 17, 1997 in Ohio.

He and his brother move to La(Los Angeles) his first channel was with his brother Logan Paul. When he got famous he had a team called Team 10 in his team has Jake, Nick, Tristan, Anthony, Tessa, Marcus, Lucas, Emilio, Alissa, Aj, Chance, Alex, Stan, and Ivan they are all the Team 10 member. By the time he had the channel call Jake Paul in a few month he got 1 million sub on his channel not long he got more sub now he has 13,209,009 sub in his channel. He still making video for all his fan and then he started a store so people can buy his clothes to know they are a fan of Jake. He made lots of music video for hais fan he made bad song so I put good song, he made Its Everyday bro, I love you bro, Ohio fried chicken, Litmas, and Youtube star diss track.1280 × 720 – youtube.com Before he had Youtube he had Vine and he stopped using vine he start to train for the Navy fouse he wanted but not he don’t. He like to play football and like to rustl with his brother.

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But he and his brother now start to prank on each other for fun that why the song Love You Bro is for. He got lots of hater because people is jealous of him he was bully by his classmate, He want it to all stop. He and his team has a channel call Team 10 Radio is still uploading but not a lot. Now he has another channel call Jake Paul 2 because he want to know if his fan is still watching his video. Now he has something million followers in Instagram because of his sellout, channel, or his popular picture.

He is now competition by his brother because they change when they move to LA. They competition by doing who has more subin there channel. People hate Jake Paul and like his brother because of bad thing but Logan did bad thing to so give him a chance give all of them a chance, Jake do anything for you guys and same as Logan will to.


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