JAIPURIA ( PGDM M) (2017-2019) Executive Summary

JAIPURIA INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT  IIORGAINIZATIONALCULTURE ContentsAcknowledgementExecutive SummaryWhat is organisational cultureCharacteristics of organizational cultureHow employees learn about organizational cultureHow to create  ethical culture inorganisationHow to create positive organisational culture   AcknowledgementI owe my profound gratitude to our project guide Dr .Swati Agarwal ,Professor ,Jaipuria Institute of Management , Noida for her constant supportand guidance throughout the course of my work. Her sincerityAnd thoroughness have been a constant source of inspiration for me.Also , I take this opportunity to acknowledge thecontribution of all the employees of an organisation that we visited to spare atime and help us to do a survey for their kind assistance and cooperationduring project work.   ( PGDM M)(2017-2019)     ExecutiveSummaryOrganizational culture is whatdescribes the psychology, attitudes, beliefs and values of an organization.

Ithas been defined as collection of values and norms that are shared  bypeople and groups in an organization and that control the way they interactwith each other and with outside the organization.”Changes are enevitable part . Every organisationadapts changes. Culture Change has become a area of concern formost of the organisation as now a days most of the organisation believes to beemployee friendly while some persist to traditional culture where employeesneeds to adhere to certain norms and policies.     Whatis Organizational Culture ?Organizational Culture is the  beliefs, customs, traditions and values sharedby the members of the organization.

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Corporate culture can be looked at as asystem. It is important to consider culture while managing change in theorganization. Culture can be both, as input and as output. While organizationalculture is the term that reflects culture in any type of organization be itschool, university, not-for-profit groups, government agencies or businessentity, more concrete business terms are corporate culture and company cultureor overall       Characteristics oforganisational structure.1) Innovation and Risk Taking.

–how employs are encouraged to beinnovative2) Attention to Detail.-employees are expected to exhibit attention todetail3) Outcome Orientation.-degree to which management focus on outcome4) People Orientation.-considering effect of outcomes on people withinorganisation.

5) Team Orientation.-degree to which work activities are organised6) Aggressiveness.-how much are employees aggressive towards workcompletion7)  Stability.

-how organisationactivities emphasize maintaining the status   How employeeslearn about orgainizational culture?The Paradigm:What the organization is about, its mission, its values.Control Systems:The processes in place to monitor what is going on. Role culture shouldhave vast rulebooks. There would be more reliance on individualism in a power culture.

Organizational Structures:Reporting lines, hierarchies, and the way that work flows through thebusinessPower Structures:Who makes the decisions, how widely spread is power, and on what ispower based?How to create ethical organisationculture:·      Bea visible role model to your employees as they will look to the actions anddoings of top management.·      Communicateethical expectations by sharing a code of ethics that states the organisation’sethical values that all must follow.·      Providingethical training by setting up workshops , seminars to clarify what practicesare permissible.

·      Byvisibly rewarding ethical acts and punishing unethical ones.·      Providemechanism so that employees can discuss unethical behavioursCREATING POSITIVE ORGANIZATIONALCULTURE:·       Building on employeestrength emphasiszing on showing workers how they can capitalise on theirstrength·       By rewarding more thanpunishing in the form of salary hike or promotion·       By emphasizing growthand supporting what employee contribute and working on how organisation canmake employee more effective.    THANKYOU            SUBMITTED BY- AHMERHASSAN ( JN170173)                            


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