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J.B Priestley was an English scriptwriter, novelist etc.… He was born the 13th of December of 1894, in a industrial area called Manningham, Bradford, west riding of Yorkshire. This influenced priestly greatly and this was reflected in, many of his books such as the good companions or bright day.
The setting of inspector calls is in a “fairly large” (this shows they are wealthy and their status is pretty high)” suburban house. The general effect is substantial and heavily comfortable” and priestly makes the setting be constant and the light could reflect the atmosphere of the play. In my opinion the atmosphere in act 1 is represented as jolly, fun “giving us the port” and the atmosphere is so jolly because it’s a very especial occasion. The atmosphere shows a bit of how the characters are and live. At one point Gerald describes the family “you all seem to be nice” and this is an irony as he does not know the trouble with Eva later on the play.
In inspector calls there are 5 main characters and each one of them have very different roles. one of them and for me the main one is Mr Arthur birling, Priestley describes Arthur as a “heavy looking person, rather portentous man in his middle fifties but rather provincial in his speech” this description tells the reader that he is someone with a high status and massive levels of responsibility, later own in the act the reader gets a connotation from Arthur that he is very vain towards others as he says “I might find my way into the next honours list”.
Also birling does not think that there would be a war as he says that Sheila and Gerald are marrying at the best time possible, priestly uses an irony because he is completely wrong on what he is saying and has no clue what a disaster its doing to be. If anything the worst time possible! He is also very selfish as one of the main reasons why he likes Sheila to marry Gerald is for money reasons this is shows that Mr birling is a capitalist who just thinks in money and not his daughter.” your marriage means Tremendous lots to me “Mr Arthur is married to Mrs Birling which is about “fifty, a rather cold woman and her husband’s social superior”, this quote shows the reader that she is very aware of social classes

Another important character in the play is Gerald (he is an aristocrat) because he is marrying Sheila. He is described as an “attractive chap about thirty, rather to manly to be a dandy but very much the easy well bread man about town” his upbringing was the being o a well-known privileged businessman, in conclusion he had a very good background . I think Gerald gives the reader many connotations about his arrogances during act 1. He is manlier than Eric and in the act is shown how Mr Arthur birling prefers Gerald than his own son. Sheila “she got nasty temper sometimes – but she is not bad really” this is how Eric describes her sister but J.b. priestly describes her as a “pretty girl in her early twenties, very pleased with life and rather exited” in act 1 she already suspects something about Gerald and his mischiefs as she says “yes, except for all last summer, when you never came near me, and I wondered what had happened to you” and I think this quote helps the reader understand a bit of the plot and also make them want to read on to find out what happened last summer with Gerald.

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Eric is describes “not quite an ease, half shy, half assertive” in his early 20’s and he already has drinking problems “I’m sorry but you see were having a little party and I’ve had a few drinks including a rather a lot of champagne and I’ve got a headache and as I’m only one way here I think I better turn in”. Eric also lack confidence and the readers get this connotation from how e stands up to his father and the end he is talked down, also we know this by reading the stage directions which describe him as been as an awkward and someone who really is unsure of himself. ” I don’t know really suddenly I just had to laugh ” and he cannot explain why.


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