I’ve study computing throughout my life. This

I’ve always had a keen interest in the world of computingand all of the aspects within it. This has lead me to apply for games designand development course for this year. While I am mainly interested in thedevelopment of videogames, I also have a variety of other interests such as theprogramming aspect of development and 3d modeling/animation.

What I want togain from my chosen university course is a deeper understanding in thesefields, and hopefully the ability to move on to the gaming industry as eitheran independent developer or a member of a larger company. This has lead me tostudy computing throughout my life.This study has given me a good understanding in a widevariety of IT subjects, such as image manipulation, animation, programming, andsimple game development and design.  Ihave used a suite of programs such as Photoshop for image manipulation and thecreation of concept art, and game maker to give me the basics of design and basicprogramming development.  Outside of myeducation however I have been developing my knowledge in both programminglanguages and game development concepts, such as player engagement and the ideaof ludonarrative dissonance.

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I would like to use knowledge that I have gainedin this way to make games that allow the player to experience emotions throughgameplay, engaging them in the worlds that I would like to create.  This personal study in combination with myacademic learning has given me a good understanding of both game developmentand design, while also giving me the foundation on which I can realize theseconcepts and show what I have to bring to the industry.I have been developing skills that would be useful in thegames design and development world through my education and my work alike.Where I am currently employed I am learning a variety of skills that could beapplied to the environment of my chosen courses.

These include the ability tocommunicate effectively in a team, as I work in a restaurant bar and need tocommunicate with managers and bar staff to get the job done as best as I can. Ihave also developed good people skills as I have to interact with customers ona daily basis in my work, which has allowed me to be able to communicate withpeople I have no experience talking to beforehand. The most important skill Ibelieve that I have developed is individual consistency. My job there entailsserving and making drinks for many customers on many tables, which requires agood degree of memorization and precision to ensure that all of the drinks areof a good quality. I have developed this skill to the point where I can do ajob consistently and can handle multiple tasks quite easily at once. Outside ofwork, in my school life, I have also developed people and team skills, as Ioften had to work in or lead a group of people to complete objectives such ascreating a concept for a site in a team. I believe however that I am a muchbetter worker individually than in a team, as I am able to complete work quicklyat an above average level, as seen in my essay writing during college. My personal hobbies also relate to the courses which I wantto apply for, as I am an avid gamer, and I don’t just play videogames; I aminvolved and post regularly in forums for game development and discussion ofreleased games.

I have good knowledge in design techniques and like to debatepeople in whether or not certain games or game concepts are completing intendedgoals. I have also discussed with people unethical practices in the industryand whether or not micro transactions are gambling in the eyes of a consumer. Iam also an avid book reader and occasionally write short stories. This may beuseful as I am well versed in English and can articulate Ideas I have well bothwhile speaking and in a written format. More than anything I would like to be able to createsomething new in the industry, and allow people to experience something that’snever been done before.


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