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Itzel Tena Ortiz12/4/17Period 1AVIDLiving Up to Our Potential Throughout students, educational lives are inevitable to experience many downfalls, but there are always ways to motivate them to pursue their dream. Students should focus and take education seriously because it’s an important element of our lives.  If students want to achieve a career, they should focus on what it takes to get into a university. We should also take into consideration that college or universities are expensive. Luckily, there are ways around that issue so that we still have the opportunity of attending our dream universities like scholarships or financial aid.Every student has their own priorities and chooses to prioritize in their own order. Some students don’t even have their own education in their top three. When students do this they affect themselves rather than helping themselves to prepare for the future. Students focusing on their future should be one of their top priorities and not spend too much time on the other small things. Some important things would be family, education, and things they are passionate about. When a student is focused, they have a clear path of what they want to do which is a great direction towards success. What students don’t seem to grasp is that their education is their way to have a better future, whether it be to become a doctor, writer, or teacher.Students who don’t focus on their education can experience downfalls career-wise. Many people work in the fields and other hard-working jobs where they do not get paid enough but do it to provide for their families. Take my parents, for example, they work in the fields and I have seen how tired they come back from work. They do it to give my family a roof to sleep under, clothes, and food for us to eat. They have taken me to work with them before to help me recognize that working in the fields isn’t easy and that I should work hard in school to get my education and make something out of myself.There are many ways we can focus on education and have a better future, and one of the main ones is to have smart goals. Smart goals are a helpful tool for students in many ways, either inside or out of school. It can be used for many different things to benefit the student using the smart goal process. Based on information and not theory, it has shown that SMART goals help students improve their education (Rubin). SMART is an acronym for specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely (video). Each element is an important part of SMART goals because they are the process to achieve those goals. Not only this, but it makes students put more effort on achieving their own goals. Smart goals were created for students to motivate themselves in and out of school to benefit their future (Rubin). I want to have a better future and to be able to do that, I need to make sure I know what I want first. Therefore, SMART goals come in handy. You can write down your goals, plan accordingly, and achieve them by using the SMART goals procedure. One of my goals is to pass all my academic classes with a 90% or higher.  For example, I would like to pass all my academic classes with a 90% or higher by the end of the semester. To be able to achieve this goal I need to turn in all my homework, get an 80% or higher grade on all my test and meet all the standards. Another goal that I would like to achieve, is to pass all my final exams with an 80% or higher by next week. To achieve this goal I need to be able to study for the exams and possibly view anything that we will be tested on, like vocabulary, math problems, and other things that we learned from the beginning of the year to right now.  But even though I might face some obstacles to achieve both of my goals. Like I will need to make time to complete all homework, meet all the standards, and study for the exam. By achieving these goals, my G.P.A. will bump up to a 3.6 or higher which will help me get into UC Berkeley (the university I want to attend after high school due to their awesome business program). Not only this, having a good G.P.A. helps students become potential candidates for scholarships. For this same reason smart goals were created to guide us students in our futures. All in all, the process of smart goals is important for those who want to achieve something in life. This smart plan has allowed students to be more focused on their own education and future because it is a way to pursue a great career and better life. Without making smart goals, we will never know our true potential and like someone wise once said, “You have to set goals that are almost out of reach. If you set a goal that is attainable without much work or thought, you are stuck with something below your true talent and potential.” (Steve Garvey). So let’s get out there and discover our true selves.        Resources:Will the Real SMART Goals Please Stand Up?Rubin, Robert S. “What Is I-O?” Will the Real SMART Goals Please Stand Up Apr 02, 2 Apr. 2002,


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