It’s 10533 Enhanced Basic Education Curriculum or

It’sbeen six years since the R.

A. 10533 Enhanced Basic Education Curriculum orsimply known as the K to 12 program was implemented. How is it? Is iteffective?Implementationof the K to 12 program was one of the biggest issue in our country, there someFilipinos that doesn’t agree with this, they say that it may cause moresuffering for the poor families and they also say that our country was notready for this program.

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Themeasure is meant to upgrade Philippine education, whose quality hasdeteriorated in recent decades, and improve national competitiveness, theyalso believe that it can help our country to solve our problem in continuousrise of the unemployment rate in our country. Every effort from each individuals must be made to ensure thesuccess of its implementationThefirst batch or the experiment batch of this program suffers from the differentproblem like lack of facilities and equipment’s lack of qualified teacher thatare capable of teaching the different subject and skills that the programoffers. First batch also suffered in financial problem and because of thisthere are some students that doesn’t continue studying, although the governmentprovided Voucher’s it is not enough because there are private schools have hightuition fees and also tuition fees is not only the reason why students doesn’tpursue studying like problem in food allowance, transportation allowance and miscellaneousfee, although there are public schools that offers the K to program but theyare limited so they tend to enroll to the private schools and the otherstudents doesn’t continue studying because of financial problem.Itis not yet proven if the program was effective but the time to prove theeffectiveness of this program is coming because few months from now the firstbatch of the program are expected to graduate. Few months from now the resultof the implementation of the program will be reveal.

Whatif it is not effective? What if it is effective what are you opinions orsuggestions to improve the said program?


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