It’s sheets have been silently drowning me You

It’s been almost a year since I said
bye to you                                 

I’m still trying to face my fears;
it’s nothing new

Hurting you, my dear, was never my

It wasn’t right to hold on; you
called it desertion

Fond memories of you and me are

These tear soaked sheets have been
silently drowning me

You were perfection; I asked you to
marry me


I’m still staring out of my window as
the leaves change colors and then fall to the ground

The trees I see look as bare as my
heart that has left you feeling less than safe and sound

I know you said your love for me was
as strong as my love for you

Even though it felt as though you
second-guessed my love for you

Don’t you realize that all I had, I
gave it all to you?

I pray you’re happy now without me
there because you truly do deserve the best

Keep your head up, love, and, like
always, trust that God will handle the rest


I sent my mom on our honeymoon, since
you and I will never go

I paid it off with the money I earned
while trying to give you a home

Three countries, seven days, the fun
we could’ve had, we’ll never know

It’s been almost a year, now, my
dear, and I still feel alone


I'm Mary!

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