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What does suicide mean to you? Everyday there are hundreds of people killing themselves, committing suicide; people do it for their own personal reasons and there are also people yearning for a physicians help to take their life.

Regardless of what the case might, the point is that there are acts of suicide going on daily. I believe that every person that wants to take their life, whether it be by suicide or physician-assisted suicide, has a personal reason to do so, most of the time it is a reason that society cannot see because society only recognizes how the problem is affecting society and not the person.Maybe society should try, for once, focusing on what the person might be going through, before uttering their opinion. Suicide, including physician-assisted suicide, are private decisions a person might act upon, that do not or should not have any social consequences.

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A person should be allowed to make decisions about their own life. Everyday there are different cases of suicide, the act of killing oneself purposely, this has been going on for thousands of years and people still cannot accept the fact that people, for whatever reason, are going to keep taking their lives. I believe that suicide itself is something that society cannot control.A determined person can easily take their life in the blink of an eye. Physician-assisted suicide, the case in which the doctor provides an injection to the patient and the patient injects him self of herself. Cases in which the doctor provides the patient with an injection of a lethal substance are rarely delineated to society because of the fact that it is an illegal action in the United States.

Both, suicide as well as physician-assisted suicide is viewed as a huge diffidence in society. 2 First of all, I would like to say that suicide is a decision that a conscious person should be allowed to make, since it is their life.I think of it this way, if a person chooses to commit suicide it must be because they have some sort of problem, and they would probably be of no help to society anyway. In the case o physician-assisted suicide the person should also be allowed to choose whether to live or die. A person, such as Debbie, from the short essay “It’s Over Debbie,” (Anonymous p.

401) has all the right to choose to die. Debbie was a young lady, who had been suffering from ovarian cancer and who’s life was ephemeral, she made the resolution of asking for a physicians help in order to end her life.All though in this case the doctor injected the patient with the lethal dose, yet the patient still made the choice, a choice that is completely hers to make. I believe that cases in which, the person is suffering with endless pain, the person should absolutely be able to make the choice of ending the pain, and rest in peace. Suicide, regardless of what type it might be, has absolutely nothing to do with society. What an individual does or chooses to do with his or her life is their own personal business, since they are making the choice.I am sure that there are thousands of reasons as to why a person might want to shorten their life such as, a terminal illness or simply because the person is handicap and has only become a burden to others.

In my opinion living a life of pain and suffering with a terminal illness just creates more suffering, not only to the person but also to the persons family. In the short essay “In Defense of Voluntary Euthanasia,” by Sidney Hook there is a remarkable quote by Seneca that relates to my opinion, ” ‘the wise man will live as long as he ought, not as long as he can'” (Hook p. 403).


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