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It’s 9:00 PM and you have a paper due in the morning which you haven’t even started working on yet. This is not the first time you’ve pushed a project deadline and you think back to the many weeks you had to complete a project but you still aren’t doing what you’re supposed to. Does this sound familiar?  All of us have been guilty of procrastinationAt some point in our lives. The end result of procrastination may be  a missed opportunity, regret, or a low-quality result. To help you deal with procrastination here are ten                            tips to help you get started.1. Break the Assignment Into Small and more manageable piecesWhen you get started on a project do you ever feel like you wont be able to complete it? Don’t. Not everything has to be finished at once. To avoid overwhelm break your project into individual tasks,for example, if you’re writing a paper some steps may be to research, then make an outline, etc. specifying and breaking it down makes it less daunting and more approachable. You may feel a thrill of accomplishment every time you check something off the list2. Make It specificIn tip 1 we talked about how to break down our projects. So this step is going to structure your to-do list around that  So for example, you could specify how many pages or paragraphs you want to do in a day or specifying what sources you’re going to use so it’s not this overwhelming abstract goal and remember to incorporate these specific goals into your planning so see how and when to fit that in. Try not to make crazy overachieving goals because this can easily and quickly discourage you and lead you to be not as motivated when you may be falling behind on that goal. Writing down your steps and goals can also help you into bringing your goals and thoughts into something physical and crossing them off gives you a sense of accomplishment which may keep you motivated3. Rules Are Meant to Be BrokenWhen you finally begin writing your paper don’t feel like you need it do it perfectly. You don’t have to finish ALL of your research to begin a rough draft or first draft you can always tweak it later. If You’re gonna wait until you have it to be perfect you’re gonna have to wait a very long time. Research enough to get an idea on what the information is showing so you know what you’re writing about and you can get started. There really are no “set” rules to writing so just let yourself flow and you can always tweak it later.people have different ways of writing and just go for what suits you there is no perfect way or just like one way to write a paper4. First Things FirstOur natural tendency is to start with tasks that are easy or fun, putting off tasks that are not so much. We try to convince ourselves it’s not procrastination but you know it is. yes , exercising, shopping for groceries, cleaning your room is important jst make sure you’re not using theseactivities as excuses to put off the more difficult time consuming task you may be facing its important to prioritize especially on task that have deadlines5. Set Yourself Up to SucceedKnow yourself. Instead of putting yourself into situations where you have to resist temptation try to avoid those temptations instead. We naturally are not the best to avoid temptations like if you have a huge jar of cookies next to you. Try to schedule your time devoted to writing and times for a break based on a path avoiding temptation. Like don’t plan to go to a coffee shop for a few hours knowing your friends are out doing something fun because odds are after a lil bit you’ll probably end up ditching the shop and meeting up with them. And then you’ll feel all guilty for not accomplishing your task which may discourage you prolonging it. Maybe give yourself that night off and promise to yourself you will work on it at a SPECIFIC time as soon as you can and like when you give yourself a break generally try to have an idea of what you’ll be doing or plan it dont watch only 20 minutes of a movie you’ve been wanting to or only watching like a couple random youtube videos6. Use Rewards as IncentivesMost of us would rather be doing eating/sleeping/watching a movie/anyactivityyouchoose rather than doing a writing assignment for school. It’s easier focusing on your project, for me at least, when you have something to look forward to. So make sure to schedule rwards for your smaller specific tasks also when you finally do do it feels really good and relaxing to be able to watch a movie or do whatever without feeling guilty


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