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It’s no surprise that Elon Musk is single handedly the most important person in the world. Elon’s Development of more efficient Ev’s for everyday consumers the impact this had on the internal combustion engine market had the major car manufacturers at a standstill..Elon Musk and his company Tesla a fully electric based car company his recent movements in the electric car industry with the further innovation of the new models which also are more efficient than the competitors Ev’s but having range larger than most new internal combustion engines making the major car manufacturers stand in awe to see what they can do to follow up the innovation of new and affordable Ev’s, but with what comes with getting a all electric powered car is that “Electric vehicles have instant torque” so the car compared to the combustion engine counterparts they have a higher acceleration and generally quicker than the “normal” car,However the sense that the car just being electric makes them better but that’s just not the case here electric cars are still vehicles that need a power source to work and them being all electric cars need power in which even when you buy the car in California you get incentives to buy the car such as a “tax credit from state worth $2,500” which applies to all states in the U.S. while in addition of the $7,500 in California you are inclined to gather an additional “$2,500 in rebates (based on income)”, This is important to the upbringing of Tesla as well as the future of the Ev car industry with the further developments of infrastructure within the the United States “specific focus will be in the states where Tesla had the greatest potential to leverage the allure of prospective capital investment and job growth accompanying its promised “gigafactory” project.” This is a project that alludes to the production of the batteries necessary to the development of the power cells used in the vehicles that Tesla produces, This importance of this factory and the batteries that it produces are just a component of the process which is necessary for success in the dream of Elon Musk to further the future of the world for Ev’s in the United States but the world as a whole.With the Production of electricity and the power that is need to power the cars that Tesla creates, well the problem of power is just was Elon thought as well so he devised a plan for that.While the innovations from Tesla with the current model of cars the company has a line of power cells and solar panels to help and provide the electricity to the power grid as well as the homes / businesses that they are installed onto which can actually decrease the power bills of the owners that have these installed while “The average price people in the U.S. pay for electricity is about 12 cents per kilowatt-hours” with this average inevitable climbing with the population increasing it only makes sense now more than ever to buy an electric car.


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