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It iswith pleasure that I recommend to you Nur Fatin Syazana Mohd Redzuan for the UMHolland-High Potential Scholarship. Although I have known Miss Fatin for arelatively short time, I feel that I have come to recognize her quite wellthrough campus events in UniKL Business School. MissFatin’s intellect and hard work are clearly demonstrated by her almost perfect3.98 grade point average during January 2015 semester. Established the gradingsystem here at UniKL Business School, receiving all “A” and “A-” grades are undeniablyimpressive accomplishments.

She is one of Dean’s List award recipients forevery semester with at least 3.71 grade point average. In MissFatin’s case, the magnificent academic records reflect not only her dedicationto her studies but also the depth of her commitment and passion.

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From my pointof view, she is a reflective, analytical young woman who readily acceptschallenges as this is my first time to encounter a student who dares to applyfor the international fully funded scholarship (Master degree). The fact thatshe has been chosen for Student Ambassador UniKL Business School indicates herwillingness to contribute towards community and public and her ability to workwith others in a challenging manner. The staff and lecturers with whom I spokenhave nothing but praise for her abilities, her conscientiousness, and herpositive attitude in inspiring students and friends.Perhapsone of the most interesting aspects of Miss Fatin is her writing background andthe fact that she created a blog to portray her opinions, inspiration andlife-journey during degree years which inspires potential students to furtherstudy at UniKL Business School.

This writing background, in addition to heryear in Poland and her many co-curricular activities, have helped shape herpersonality and attitudes. Therefore, she has an amazing sense of responsibility;she interacts and communicates extremely well with her peers and lecturers. Shecan always be counted upon to carry out tasks to the fullest.MissFatin’s many interests (writing, volunteering), her international experience(ERASMUS+ scholarship recipient for exchange programme at Kozminski University,Poland), her co-curricular activities, and, above all, her intellectualaccomplishments make her an outstanding candidate for the 2018-2019 UMHolland-High Potential Scholarship.

Fatinhas her own uniqueness as she owns her life to fulfill her dreams. She alwaysseeks out for golden opportunities to upgrade her values and skill sets. She ispersistent and passionate in her field. For those who have known her beforewill definitely described her as someone who inspired and motivated others tobe better. Everyone knows Fatin is a person who is willing to put her besteffort to achieve her target and dreams. She never give up even though shefaced many obstacles in life. Harriet Tubman once said: “Every great dreambegins with a dreamer.

Always remember, you have within you the strength, thepatience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.” Ibelieve that her participation in Master’s programme at Maastricht Universitywill provide valuable insights and diversity experience to her. I am hoping shewill be selected for the highly selective scholarship as she will give back tothe community even more when she graduated from Maastricht University. In thisworld, we need more people like her to build and develop our community in thefuture.Irecommend her without reservation.


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