It skin and the wind blowing through my

It was a blistering hot Wednesday afternoon, I went to Jurong Central Park, which is not far away from my house.

The reason why I choose to go to the park is that strolling in the park could always help me to relax and refresh my mind. Also, it allows me to escape from the daily stresses of life for a while and helps to reduces my anxiety.  Once I entered the park, I looked up at the sky. The sun shone brilliantly, and the sky was clear, not a sign of white fluffy clouds floating across the sky, only a nice blue colour and the wind is clam.

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Also, I took a deep breath in, I could feel fresh air tasted like mint went into my nose and filled my lungs. A slight breeze rustling the leaves making them fall to the ground one by one.  I found my way to a bench in the shade and start to observe all my surroundings, noticing there are many things going on in my area. I could hear laughter and cheers around me. In front of me were a group of children of the age of 7 to 10 years old, were running and chasing one another around the playground playing hide and seek. From the look on their face, I can see that they were all very happy and excited. By looking at them, it reminds me of when I was around their age. I used to be running and chasing around just like them and playing all kinds of different games together with my childhood friends.

I could not help but smile at the memory. Feeling thirsty, I went over to the drink machine and bought a can of drink. After that, I decided to go and have a sit on the swings.

As I am swinging, I can feel the cool breeze again my skin and the wind blowing through my hair. I was focusing on the view at the front and suddenly my attention was drawn away by the loud screaming and laughter. Beside me were two children sitting on the swings, while another friend who standing at the back, was trying his best to push both of his friends.  The children on the swing were laughing and tossing their legs back and fore while their hands gripping on to the mental bars, afraid that they might fall and injure themselves. Whereas, the boy standing at the back swinging their friends was complaining when will it be his turn to take the swing.

He looked unhappy and sad at the same time. I began to walk back home as it was already going dusk at around 6 pm and I started to notice that the park was beginning to get a lot quieter. (466 words)


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