It she hears a squeak of wheel

It was winter time in Salina Valley, California. The sun didn’t appear that much and everywhere seems so dark  and foggy. The hay cutting has been finished on Henry’s Foothill ranch. Elisa, the wife of Henry, saw that her husband was speaking with some strangers  who are smoking. She takes occasional glimpse at the strangers.   Elisa is very attractive,  intelligent and very clean  girl who was always  working at her chrysanthemums. Elisa always always proud at her work. she was pleased and proud when Henry praised  her work skills. When henry plan to go out tonight.  Henry jokingly ask if she  want to see a fight and she says she wouldn’t like it. After that henry leave, Elisa  wants to finish  transplanting before her husband comes and take her out. she hears a squeak of  wheel of wagon. The man came and ask if the road goes to San Diego. He chats with her for a moment. He fixes knifes, pot and scissors. He repeatedly asks if she need to fix anything  and she says no. she became annoyed when he ask for a small job and tries him to send him back. Suddenly he ask about the chrysanthemums then her annoyance vanish. He says he has a customer who wants  to rise Chrysanthemums and then she gave him some and describe the instructions how its plant. She reaches to her leg while planting she touches her leg but he sway away. Finally she gave her some spots to fix, he left after fixing the pots. She went to take bath  to go out. She looks her naked body in the mirror  before  wearing new dress and make up. After that they both got  ready, on the way of going henry says she look nice, strong and different, the sound was very surprising. When they went to town , Elisa saw something ahead, and it was the man throw her  chrysanthemums shoot and kept her pot. They continue eating  the dinner, Elisa asks if woman can fight then she says sure, but she refuse and let her  head down so the he can’t notce her crying. This one of the emotional story i have read so far. Elisa is one of the strong and beautiful girl who didn’t get what she want emotionally and physically. She is still young she would need some physical needs. I understand  that he’s a busy and hardworking man. They have no kids  and he should be managed to have  free times to romance. She is always undergo her isolations and loneliness at her garden or house. They don’t have that much connections that’s why she was falling for tinker. I Also feel heartbroken at the end that her hope was completely broke when she saw her chrysanthemums on the road that she gave them to the tinker . That’s one of her expectations that people would like her followers like the way she does. But at the end she was shattered. She might be thinking every man is the same who think women are incapable and unqualified  to do what they do. The theme of this story is inequality of gender. “The Chrysanthemums” is detailed  pointed analyaze of a how the soceties have no good place for an intellegent girl. Henry’s wife Elisa  is smart, enegertoc and atrrcrive but it all unadmired. Henry is  not smart not as Elisa but he the one who run the rumch, supoort his wife and himself, and make the business deals. Elisa only do is seeing far from the place. She gets the infomations in vague about managemnts of his ranch  from her husband,  like supercilouing  instaed of considrring his wife as an equal . The man, tinker seems more cleaver than her Husnad. According to her husband is not even match to tinker. Steinbeck used Henry and Tinker as understudy for the patrilineal of the Patrianchal socities in general. They just ignore their potentials. He also argues about the need of sexual fullfilement, how its so powerful that the people act so irritional if thet dont get it . Their marrige was  passionless and more like siblings rekationshop than a spouse. She is a sexulaity and ferlility woman but thas no kids. Henry traect her like biblings. She feel the Tinker that’s why she kneels down as sexual sumbission  posture” Like a Fawning Dog” she was showing her interest to an staanger. But she sway away. So her sexulay will stay remain but can’t get what she wants.


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