It was with great interest that I

It was with great interest that I noticed the advertisement for the position of Junior Research Officer in your university website. With two years of research experience as a Junior Research Fellow (JRF), one year of clinical work experience as an Assistant Psychologist and an under graduate and post graduate degrees in Psychology, I have the confidence that I would be potential candidate for this position.I am currently working as a JRF at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Gandhinagar on the project ‘Psychology of Curiosity’ under the supervision of Prof.

Jaison Manjaly. Through the current study, we investigated the impact of curiosity on memory. The study also tried to highlight the differences between the learning process as a result of curiosity and the effect of reward and also attempted to test the effects of extrinsic rewards on curiosity.  As a JRF, I relish spending most of my day hours and few night hours in the lab. Through my experiences (as a JRF), I have realized that, apart from interest in research, I also possess the passion and perseverance to keep the research going. My fascination for research began during the first year of my Master’s program in Clinical Psychology. Courses on Research Skills and Research Methods in Psychology during my post graduation kicked off my interest in research.

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I conducted two studies during my post graduation through which I gained more and more knowledge about conducting a study, analyzing the data and writing the reports. Moreover my experiences as an intern in different neuropsychiatric and psychotherapeutic centers enabled me to gain more experience in working and dealing with old age people like how to build rapport with them and how to assist them in management of their problems. I believe that my educational and research background has inculcated in me the qualities you are seeking in a Junior Research Officer. My key job details include, but are not restricted to the following:·         Develop research designs and conduct studies related to the project·         Carry out data collection with huge sample size·         Analyze research data·         Detailed report writing·         Coordinate and implement various functions related to projectIn addition to the above, I am proficient in SPSS statistical software, Excel and in handling complex data set. Through the role as an Assistant Psychologist and as a JRF, I mastered the skill to deal with confidential data and to work independently and in a team. I have acquired expertise in formulating project goals, meeting deadlines.

I also possess good interpersonal and writing skills and team management ability.I intend to make use of this opportunity to expand my research knowledge and I strongly believe with my experience and dedication to hard work that I am a potential candidate for this position. 


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