It attention was drawn to the door as

It was a pretty dead, even for a Thursday The only people in the bar were a group of frat guys who had taken up a game of Darts in the corner.

 Gabe, my bartender was off for the week with his girlfriend in Miami and I had been running the place all week by myself. I was hoping that it didn’t pick up so I could shut the place a little early.  As I stood behind the bar, absentmindedly wiping glasses, my attention was drawn to the door as it swung open and a big group of girls came in laughing and already intoxicated. “Great. I won’t be going home anytime soon.” I thought to myself.

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 The group of girls made their way over to the tables by the group of guys in the corner. Their attention was instantly pulled by the girls and decided to quit their game of darts. I couldn’t help but roll my eyes at the guys very predictable behavior.

 “Well you look happy.” A voice brought me back to reality. It was a blonde and she was wearing a smirk as she looked at me. I placed the glass down that was in my hand as to give her my full attention. My eyes followed her as she gracefully perched herself on one of the bar stools in front of me.  “What can I get you?” I asked, deciding to ignore the blonde’s former comment about my mood.

 “Well, I’d like a club soda with a lime. And they,” She pointed to the group of women flirting with the group of guys, “will have anything sweet with alcohol.” The blonde smiled and I nodded. I turned around and put together some cosmos and a club soda. As I placed the drinks on a tray to bring to the table one of the girls approached the counter and immediately took the tray and walks away back to the group of girls.

 “Anything else?” I asked as I punched numbers into the register.  She shook her head no and pulled out her card to pay..

“Can I see your ID?” I asked after she handed me the card.  She opened her purse again and pulled out her drivers license. It said she was 29, but she didn’t look it. She was also one of those strange people who have a fantastic drivers licence picture while the rest of us all look hideous. I nodded, swiped her card and gave it back to her. Our hands touched slightly as I handed over the card. She smirked when she felt me pull away faster.

 “Well thank you…” She paused, indicating she wanted to know my name. “Natalie.” I smiled. “Well thank you Natalie.” She said as she walked over to her group.

 At 11:30pm and several rounds in the girls women were still drinking. The blonde that had ordered the first round of drinks keeps glancing over me. I know because I mistakenly made eye contact with her a few times.

 I look over at the back tables and notice a few members  of the groups had dispersed and I notice the blonde isn’t there. “Where did she go?” I thought to myself.  “Looking for me?” I jump, slightly surprised at the interruption and look to find the blonde smirking at me – again. “Uh… No.” I stutter and she laughs lightly. “It’s okay. I know I’m irresistible.” The blonde winks and I think I  actually feel my cheeks start to blush and I don’t know why.

 “Anyway…” She pulls me away from my thoughts and I look back at her. “Could I get a Coke? I need the caffeine” I nod and move to get it for her. I place the drink in front of her as she pulls out her card again. I shake my head and push her hand back. “On the house.” I smile and she looks at me inquisitively so I continue. “You have already bought so many rounds tonight. This one’s on me.

” She smiles and takes her drink. “So why aren’t you drinking?” I ask without really even thinking. She looked as shocked as I was that I was trying to start a conversation and then she took a seat at the bar again and sipped her Coke. “Decided to stay sober tonight since I knew none of them would.” We both looked over to the people still left and everyone looked like they will definitely be nursing hangovers in the morning. “I take it you’re celebrating?” I asked, shaking my head at the drunk-girl trying to find her shoes out of the corner of my eye.  “Kind of. My friend, Bristol just got engaged.

” She replied “Well, congratulations to her.” I smile and say sincerely as I wiped down the counter. “Yeah, he’s an arrogant pig but I guess I’ll have to deal with it.

” I slightly laugh at the blonde’s obvious dislike for the man one of friends was going to marry. “So, are you seeing anyone Natalie?” The blonde asks with a raised eyebrow. I look up at her caught off guard.  “No.

How about you?” “Single.” She responded. I nod and continue continue to clean up behind the bar so I can get home and get to bed. The blonde continues to drink her coke but I could feel her eyes on me the whole time. Just as she was finishing her drink the rest of her group comes over and nearly pushes the blonde off the stool. “Lilly” One of the girls whines drunkenly. “Why are you sitting here alone?” I look up and watch the interaction between the blonde – “Lilly” – and her friends.

 “I’m not alone. Natalie is here with me.” She looks over at me and winks. “Who’s Natalie?” A second girl asks.

 “Natalies over there.” The blonde points at me and then I see the other girls staring at me. They look me up and down before turning back to the blonde. “She’s cute!!” The second girl shout-whispers. “I know she is.” The blonde looks at me and smirks and I feel myself blush again.

 “Can we go now? My fiancé is probably waiting for me.” The first girl whines. That must be Bristol I thought to myself. “Yeah, can’t leave Jack waiting alone in bed.” The blonde says sarcastically as she downs the last of her coke.  Bristol lightly hits the blonde on the arm “You said you’d be nice about him.” Bristol crosses her arms and walks out. I see the blonde roll her eyes and stand up.

 “Whatever.” She waves her hand in Bristols direction. “I’ll meet you outside.” She says to the remaining girls as they stagger out of the door. She turns back to me and smiles. “Can I have a napkin?” I reach over to the stack of cocktail napkins and hand her one.

“Thanks.” She says as she pulls a pen out of her bag. She scribbles something on the napkin and hands it to me. She turns around and walks over to the door.

Before leaving she turns to me and smiles.”My name is Lillian by the way.” She winks and walks out. Leaving the door swinging from her exit.

 I shake my head and look down at what the napkin says “Hot Blonde- 555-555-5555. See you soon Natalie.” with a heart scribbled at the bottom.  I pulled a pen from my pocket and wrote “Lillian” underneath the number.  I got home and I was lying in bed trying to fall asleep but I couldn’t. Thoughts of the blonde – Lillian – kept going through my head. I wanted to text her, but was it too soon? She would want me to text her, that’s why she gave me her number.Right? ” I thought to myself.

I picked up my phone and the napkin from my side table and texted her. “Hey Hot Blonde. It’s Natalie from the bar.” The text read. I saved the number in my phone as Hot Blonde and put my phone back down- hoping I might be able to finally sleep.

I started to close my eyes and then then my phone vibrated and its bright screen illuminated the the room.  It was Lillian. I opened the message to read ” I knew you would text. I just didn’t realize it would be at 3 am haha” with a heart emoji.  I looked at my phone and it was actually three in the morning. Wow, I really did need to go to sleep.

I decided to text back then put my phone on silent and then down once and for all for the rest of the night. “Well I had a certain hot blonde on my mind.” the text read with a heart emoji. I never used emojis and I don’t know why I am deciding to now.


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