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It is often said that scandals have a powerful impact on society because of the negative nature that is associated with them.  Scandals occur in every field and are able to shock the public and bring attention to different topics.  Although speakers and reformers are capable of spreading awareness to controversial topics, scandals are able to keep a lasting impression on society because of the shock-factor associated with them. For example, the watergate scandal was one of the most famous political scandals in American history.  Richard Nixon denied involvement in the burglary by five men at the Democratic National Committee at the watergate offices in Washington D.C.

.  It was later proven that Nixon was connected to the watergate scandal and was wiretapping phones and stealing documents.  He then tried to cover up his actions, which was unsuccessful causing him to resign.  It was able to display to Americans across the country how the government is corrupt and should not be fully trusted.  People are now more aware of the corruption within the government because of the watergate scandal and other less famous cases. The O.

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J Simpson case is another example of how the public’s’ opinion can be swayed by controversy.  The former football linebacker was accused of murdering his ex wife and a family friend, Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman.  This was one of the first cases to use real DNA evidence in the courtroom. It had a variety of different topics, including racism, science, and domestic violence, allowing people of all backgrounds to find a part of the case that interested them.  It was a publicized case that was like no other case during that time, which is why it was so highly recognized.   Finally, more recently, the Penn State child sex abuse case unraveled in 2008 where Jerry Sandusky, assistant coach for the Penn State Nittany Lions, was accused of sexually abusing children for a period of at least fifteen years.

 Officials at Penn State failed to communicate with law enforcements when they were aware of the problems.  In 2011, Sandusky was found guilty to sexually assaulting ten children and was sentenced to up to sixty years in prison.  This impacted the nation, and more specifically the football community, because of the outrageous claims made against Sandusky.

  These scandals brought attention to different and new ideas that haven’t been shown through the media.  Although negative change had to come before positive change, the attention brought from scandals were able to shape history forever in ways that reformers and speakers could not.


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