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It would be accurate to view National Farmers Union(NFU) as a good example of Insider Groups. NFU is a national federation ofstate Farmers Union organizations in the United States which was founded by tenlocal farmers in 1902 as the Farmers Educational Cooperative Union of Americain Point, Texas (, 2017). The organizationwas founded aiming to protect and enhance the economic well-being and qualityof life for family farmers and ranchers and their rural communities and todayit’s maintaining its original mission. Their method to achieve their aims is promotinglegislation and education beneficial to farmers, and by developing cooperativebuying and selling methods and businesses. Currently, more than 200.000 familyfarms and ranches are represented by NFU which are organized in 33 differentstates.

 NFU has been politically involved in many issues since it was founded. Theyformed their first marketing cooperative only a year after foundation andcampaigned for direct elections of senators, a parcel post system and votingrights for women. Also, the Federal Farm Loan Act, which established 12 FederalLand Banks, was led by their efforts. In 1949, the Brannan Plan which wasprojecting generous subsidies to farmers, especially to those with smaller thanaverage was objected by NFU and other major farm groups and it never passed Congress.

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In 2008, the election of Barack Obama was considered as a win for NFU becauseof his support of a renewable fuel standard and the 2008 Farm Bill. The NFU usuallypromotes liberal policies like increased government regulations. NFU is an obvious example of a pressure group which has directconnections with government. They have close relationship with legislators andpolicy-makers since their foundation and this is an influential method to takepart in policies.


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