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It is well known and has sufficient documentary evidence that the early Church did not celebrate Christmas.
facts about christmas
Among the films that are included in the top 10 best Christmas box-office movies, there is not one about Jesus Christ.
Christmas trees – this custom, as historians believe, began in Germany at the turn of the 1700s.
On Christmas days, Israel celebrates another holiday – Hanukkah.
Despite the fact that the official religion of Israel is Judaism, cities with Christian populations are full of Christmas trees and other accustomed Christmas attributes.
President of the United States Theodore Roosevelt (ruled the country in 1901-1909) was an ardent defender of the environment and did not approve unnecessary cutting of trees . Hoping that his act would set an example for the whole of America, he forbade the Christmas tree from setting in the White House. But the president was not obeyed by his own children, who found an opportunity to secretly install and decorate the Christmas tree.
Evidence that Jesus was born on December 25 does not exist .
In 320 AD, Pope Julius the First, Bishop of Rome, declared December 25 the official date of the celebration of the birthday of Jesus Christ.
Tradition to celebrate Christmas in America in many ways was borrowed from natives of Holland, Sweden and Germany.
At the federal level, Christmas in the United States was recognized as a day off on June 26, 1870.
facts about christmas
According to a record in the Guinness Book of Records, the tallest ever-cut Christmas trees was a 66-meter-tall, lemon-clad lexogram that stood in 1950 at the Northgate shopping center in Seattle.
On December 24, 1914, without any official order, about 100,000 German and British soldiers unofficially ceased hostilities in honor of the holiday. In history, the event came under the name “Christmas Truce.” Soldiers of warring parties sang hymns, exchanged handshakes and even gifts.
In the English abbreviation of the Christmas name “Xmas”, the letter “X” is not the letter “X”, but the 22th letter of the Greek alphabet “chi”, which was used in medieval manuscripts with the abbreviated spelling of the word “Christ” (xus- christus).
An interesting fact of Christmas
People give gifts to each other, forgetting about the true hero of the holiday! But Christ was born, and not we! And gifts should not be borne to us, but to Him!
facts about christmas
Let me ask: how would you like it if the guests who came to your birthday started giving gifts to each other, completely ignoring you?

Friends, do you know why people give gifts to each other at Christmas, especially children? This tradition is taken from the Bible.

In the Gospel we read that when Jesus was born , the gifts of the wise man were brought to Him: “When they saw the star, they rejoiced with great joy, and, having entered the house, they saw the Infant with Mary, His mother, and, falling down, worshiped Him ; and having opened their treasures, they offered him gifts: gold, frankincense, and myrrh “(Matthew 2: 10,11).

According to the Eastern tradition, no one could approach the king without a gift. Thus, the gifts that the Infant Jesus received were not related to the fact of his birth, but to the fact of his recognition as king.


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