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It is important for students to receive art education What is art and what is not art? Is it a cloud in the sky? Is it the music listened everyday? Or is it the imagine? Actually, it is hard to define what the art is because art just was born in the word with human being. (the article ‘What Is Art? A Definition’ point out )’Art is a power of doing things which is not taught by nature’.(Dr. Johnson).’Art is but the employment of the powers of nature for an end’.

(John Stewart). ‘Art is not a thing, it is a way'(Coleridge). As definition of art, it can be an activity that very well or a product that are absurd. Art is used to express the emotion of human being and connect human’s life tightly.In fact, most of students are artist when they are young.

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They point to the cloud and say it is a marshmallow. They consider music as the singing of birds. However, as the growth of age, they gradually forget all of these and try to regard the world as rational. What change those? May be the times, the society, the thought. All of these make me find an interesting phenomenon in China today that art education is common more in the primary school than in the junior high school and high school and besides the art major universities, there are few colleges set up the art education for students. A number of parents think art education is nice but useless because it occupies the time to study the main courses or some financial reasons.

Some students think if they are not work at art areas that they need not art because it is far away their life. Through art education, students can improve their appreciation of beauty, create their own abilities, to rich their emotion, so that they can love life, love art, love all good things. Therefore, art education plays a very important role in children’s education. It is an indispensable content and an important means and way for the all-round development of children. I believe that art is important for students to receive art education because it determine the development of thinking for students?help students easily to realize the essence of thing, improve students to have more all-around development and provide another method to express.

Art education determines the development of thinking for students. In fact, the brain is separated by right and left. Every part has different function but they also cooperate with each other. The art education will stimulate the exploitation of right brain so it can balance the work of the whole brain when there are a lot of task need to processed. In addition, Student period is that when human art can begin to perform. During this period, the art education for them has a multiplier effect. In another word, this is the fastest period of brain development in this period, if they only focus on the teaching of literacy, computing, and not pay attention to the cultivation of their visual spatial ability, they will hinder the development of the right brain.

And if properly let children participate in art activities, it will promote the balanced development of the brain. At this time, students not only need new information to stimulate distinct intellectual development, but also to prevent and avoid fatigue. But art education will provide the better function that it can bring the ability of thinking and will not make students feel so tired. For example, when I am tired of English reading learning, I would prefer to watch the concert rather than study another subject like English writing. In a word, students can acquire more different thinking way and enjoy the Artistic spirit space from art education.Actually, Students are creative when they were born but they accept the same educational ways gradually leading to the limited thinking. Most of students can create something like painting, singing, and making when they are in childhood. But those skills are disappeared gradually.

Why does this happen?In the school today, few of them attach the importance to the art education but they disseminate that their will make students better because of they can accept the knowledge also with art. Actually, the ‘art’ that they said is just to set up a few piano rooms or paste some painting on the wall. In my elementary school in China, the art course usually once a week with 45 minutes and it is usually occupied by math teacher that she does not think art course is necessary to study because there is no test in the end of semester.

As a result, although most of those students can finish their school work but they lack the creativity. For example, in the traditional Chinese class, if teacher shows a strange graph to students, they even do not guess what is it rather than accept the information passively. In short, if the school lacks art education, the students’ thinking ability will be gradually weakened.Art education help students easily to realize the essence of thing.

However, for well knows, science is a method to realize what is the world and how to make the world. But for art, it is not only to help students understand science better but also can know more about the essence. For example, a famous theory ‘golden section’ is put by Pythagoras( who was a mathematician and philosopher in ancient Greek). This theory that a math ratio about 0.

618 is important in mathematics area. However, the theory is successful used in various areas because of its practicability and also its beauty. Because of human being have been seeking aesthetic art, the theory can be appreciated for long history.Some schools can not accept art education as a course because they think it is unpractical compared with science. Actually, both art and science are the result of human’s activities and they are similar in some ways that art tend to personal emotion and science tend to explain the fact. For example, in the class, the understanding about a painting, which different students have different opinions about what the painting express and what they see.

But for science, there only have a one correct answer to resolve a math question. What’s more, (The article ‘The Consilience of Science and Art.’ indicate) ‘history proves that the two disciplines cannot exist without each other, enduring in constantly changing and evolving relationships. s, such as cartography and astronomy, there are long connection between the art and science.’ So that, both they can not be separated in thinking or creation aspects.Art education improve students to have more all-around development.

The students who study art education will supply their logic and intelligence. Art creation can effectively promote their imagination, because students who create the art by their cognition can express their thought by art, art as a space to students to convey their idea. Any students need achievement, and art education can easily satisfy them. If art education can be paid more attention to students when they were little, they will not only develop more observation ability, imagination ability and creativity ability but also have more confidence about themselves and have a better understanding about themselves. Students who are not talented in other subjects like math or geography can acquire the happiness from art and different art creation can present various personalities. For example, the students who like painting or reading may be have the introvert character, for those students, teachers can have different ways to know them and improve their all-rounded development.

In addition, art education also increases the ability of cooperation. For me, when I was in the university , I joined in chorus that required every members remember what their pith of songs and sing together. It sounds easy but it is not. Chorus is not need how good of member’s voice or how ability in the singing rather than need some one who can match all the melody that they can focus their tone also can cooperate with others. So that art education teaches students how to cooperate and it also can use when they quit school and go to the society. In the workplace, it is also a necessary skill to share the responsibility and compromise.

Thus, art education makes student get better development.Lastly, art education provides a method to express. According to art education, students can feel more about the art productions.

For example, if a famous painting exhibit in front of students, those students who never touch the art area always have no idea about it that they just can observe the colour or shape of the painting, but another student who have educated about art and in their mind, they can find differences because they can feel the emotion of the painter and what is the background in that times. That is the meaning of the art values. (the book ‘Why our schools need the arts.’ indicate ) it can be seen cultural influence that differentiate their drawings.

beyond and within these, however, finding the human connection deeply and uniquely expressed through art. Students feel this human connection through the works they create in arts classes. Because of the tangibility of works of art, students experience connection directly, not just to the work itself but to the artists who make the work, to the individuals whose stories may be told in the work, and to human beings whom they will never know who have been touched by the work. Because these works reflect the time in which they live and because students understand that the things they care about are being spoken to and about so that future generations may discover and find timeless meaning in them.In conclusion, art is not only crucial for society and history but is also for human especially for students, which is significant to their development of thinking , the integral development and also identify the real quality of things .Thus, it is necessary to have the art education in school. Art enrich life and distinguish human with animal and also the significant parts in human’s life.

(the article ‘A tale of why social and cultural content is often excluded from art education: And Why It Should Not Be’ indicate) The suggestion about it is that art education should be as a subject to connect to students life and the world. If art education can not be educated for students, it may cause some potential problems. ReferencesJessica,H,D.

(2008).Why our schools need the arts. New York and London: Teachers college.Patricia L,S.(2003). A tale of why social and cultural content is often excluded from art education: And Why It Should Not Be. Studies in Art Education,44(4),301-314.

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