It is important and necessary to know the

It is important and necessary to know the difference between sequence and rate as it helps you identify the needs and abilities of the child during each of their developmental stages during their childhood. The sequence of development helps you to assist and plan effectively and at the correct time for the child to reach their next development stages. The sequence of development is when a child follows basic patterns to which children learn different skills and meet their milestones for each development stage and area.

The rate of development is the speed of what a child learns at and reaches their milestones. Even though there is a sequence pattern which children follow to reach each development stage, this does not mean every child is going to reach each one at the same rate. Every child goes at their own rate/pace. The rate also allows you to track a child’s development, recognise and identify any concerns you may have about a child and their development. Some children may show through their rate of meeting each milestone that they are within, above or below their age phase.

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The sequence of development stays the same for each and every child as they develop and grow but the rate does differ from child to child.Children must follow the sequence of development for each area of their milestones. Children should complete one area of development before moving onto the next and if they cannot complete one area of development this could lead to them having delays in other areas of development.


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