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It is essential today for not only the effectiveness of rule of law but also enhancing Access to Justice as whole by introducing more cost effective ways to deliver court possesses which could entail the court and particularly judges and lawyers to take more responsibilities undertaking reforms and backlogs reduction requires in the judiciary. It was also held that there exist strong connections between efficient judiciaries and economic development. One according to this view, efficient courts will reduce the possibilities of abuse by the government and uphold the rule of law, and second, by creating an atmosphere conducive to transaction between parties which is important for a market based economy. For judicial reform there are plenty of schools of thought, (Botero et al., 2003) ranging from adequate funding to simplifying procedures. Common elements of different schools for enhancing the efficiency of the judiciary are reduction of the delay, decrease in the backlog, removing the hurdle for the poor to access justice and so on. Alternative forums for dispute resolution are expected to improve the competition and enhance the choice among the litigants, which will increase the judicial efficiency. Further, these forums along with small claims courts and specialised courts are expected to reduce the workload of the formal courts. However, one may note that, not all types of disputes are suitable for ADR mechanisms and more specifically and correctly one can identify the areas, higher will be the efficiency of the justice delivery system.
The Article was presented by Bashir Ahmed, Advocate, who participated as a delegate from Bangladesh, in the SAARC LAW CONFERENCE in Karachi, Pakistan on 03-05 October, 1997.


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