It is argued that our health has a

It is argued that our health has a harmful effect caused by unhealthy cheap food products. This essay partly agrees with that suggestion because it is true that many food manufacturers pay more attention to profit than health for food products, but it is the customer’s choice whether they purchase the unhealthy food. Accordingly, this essay will focus on how unhealthy cheap food greatly affects our health, and then discuss whether we should completely avoid the unhealthy food products for our children.

In modern lifestyle, the quality of our lifestyle is increasingly improved and more comfortable because we can omit a large amount of waste time and waste labour. For instance, the dishwasher is doing dishes for us. A robotic vacuum cleaner, “Roomba” cleans the house for us. Similarly, there are many takeaway food shops, and we can get them cheaper and faster. However, we should pay attention to takeaway food as many of them are absolutely unhealthy. This is because unhealthy food uses a heavy amount of salt and oils. Especially, salt significantly affects our health such as heart disease, kidney disease. Perhaps, It might be not much problem for health If we have them only sometimes, not every week, not every day, but we shouldn’t have an excessive amount of unhealthy junk food such as McDonald, KFC, Pizza hut.

On the other hand, the children might need an experience to try the taste of junk foods such as McDonald, because even if the junk foods are unhealthy and no benefit for children, if we tightly control children to take junk foods, they might have a huge amount of junk foods as a reaction in their future. They need to learn why junk foods are unhealthy and greatly affect our health, even if it a special flavour for them.

In conclusion, I strongly believe that junk food is definitely unhealthy and we should have a well-balanced diet everyday. However, we can have takeaway food, even if it’s unhealthy food, when we want to have a lazy dinner only sometimes as we can relief from the pressure for cooking.


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