ment. and that is our human spirit.

ment. There is no work tobe found and depression is upon us.The crash of the NYSE (New York Stock Exchange) is one of the main causesfor the turmoil that we must face day after day. People have lost money inthe stock markets and are forced to sell their assets.Many assets thathave been sold have been family heirlooms that have significant sentimentalvalue.

In a perfect world, no one would be forced into this situation. But lifeis never perfect, it never goes the way we would like it to, all the time.There is one thing that always goes in our favour, and that is our humanspirit. At the moment our spirit may be tarnished but it will never fade.Deep down inside, we know that if we can survive doing it toughfor a while, we will get through these troubled times and come out asbetter people.

As the old saying goes; “The grass is always greener on the other side”.We know that, as Australians, we can get through the depression becausewe have proven it by recuperating from the Great War.Still, we can’t avoid the fact that we have problems as a nation. It isvery sad to hear people saying that they can’t even take their children tothe local reserve for them to run around and enjoy their childhood becausethere are homeless everywhere and they have taken over the reserves, whichmakes it unfit for child’s play.Some other problems that Australia faces is that industries are shuttingdown and which means people lose jobs and businesses losesupplies which means more jobs have to be cut.

Employment is at all-timelows. Currently, unemployment is at 27.4%.

This affects the ability for parents to supply for their families.Especially large families. Luckily, we have a government that looks afterus with some food aid for needy families. But things are going to have tochange because the government can’t carry people through their lives.Something has to be done.Currently, the number of families receiving aid is 670,000.At the moment, nobody’s job is safe.

There is always the risk of yourbusiness folding. But if you can pull through these tough times you willcome out as better people.You must always look on the bright side.BY TIM LANE


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