It a coherent manner. One of his

It is a pleasure to give this testimonial to Mr.T.Sweekar who is
known to me for the past two and a half years. I have been his faculty for
the courses “Metallurgy and Material Sciences” and “Metal Casting
and Welding”. Through these courses I have found him to be very
diligent and hard-working. His ability to grasp the basic concepts of
Engineering and commitment towards the subject has really impressed

Sweekar is quite ambitious and strives hard to achieve his
goals and had a consistently good academic performance and I rank him
among the top 1% of his class of 60 students.

He is self reliant, responsible, active and up-to- date. He
maintains excellent rapport with his teachers and colleagues. His
pleasant manners and amiable disposition make him a refined individual.
He has a good command over both written and spoken English. He has
excellent communication skills and can deliver his ideas in a coherent
manner. One of his papers presented at a National level conference has
won 2 nd prize.
I am confident he will prove an asset to your university and I
strongly recommend his admission to your university with suitable
financial help.


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