It made up from a variety of

It is a democratic country with federal government. There are three levels of Government- Federal level, state level and local level. The government at local level decides the business policies of that location including taxation. The country is prominent member of international organizations like UN, IMF etc.

Germany has a population of 82 million, making it the largest populated country in the EU. It is seen as a modern, multicultural country. The society is made up from a variety of lifestyles.

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The family is the most important social reference unit. – Young people have very good relationships with their parents. Local architecture, music, literature, art and sports are fields which reflect the socio-cultural scene of Germany. Many international sporting events have represented Germany in the past. This includes FIFA World Cup, Formula One, the Olympics, ice hockey and tennis tournaments.

It is among the leading motor sports countries. It manufactures motor brands like BMW, Mercedes, VW, Audi and more.


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