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It was a cloudy morning around 4:02 am to be exact it was time for our Hawaii flight for James and I. Here’s a backstory… Me and James are the bestest friends, it started out in middle school our 6th grade year we hung out every single moment we were free and we had a great time together. Back to the story… Our plan was to meet up at Peet’s Coffee at 5:00 am because our flight was at 8:00 am so I had to start packing really fast!!Checklist – 2 pairs of Shoes, 1 pair of Underpants, 4 pairs of shorts, 2 pants, 3 t-shirts, 1 supreme jacket, 1 Gucci Belt.Soon enough we are on our way Peet’s Coffee is about 10 minutes down the road, so I think we are good for now on time wise. I walk into Peet’s Coffee and I immediately see James standing right there with all his luggage ready to go. So I had no time to get a small coffee or anything to be honest. So we hit the road. After 1 hour of sitting in the car like a sad clown our hearts shook, and our eyes shimmered. We were finally here and better than that, WE WERE EARLY FOR ONCE! We didn’t want to ruin this day so forgetting to pay the lyft driver we ran into the airport. Blazed through security and we were at our gate. Gate 17.Finally I thought after having nightmares upon nightmares about missing this flight to our dream Island Hawaii!!!! On the down side though we were so early we have to waste 2 hours of our time before the flight. So we ran right to the candy store across the way immediately forgetting about our luggage. But the candy store was beautiful. I was surrounded in blue crystal rocks that were edible. And then that’s what we needed to get. We practically bought out the whole store of those crystal rocks everybody was really mad at us. But when we returned to where our luggage was, it was gone. My Gucci belt and my supreme jacket were all gone. I looked up and saw the thief dragging our luggage away I chased after him and he ran quicker, he was a very tall white man with a black overcoat and jeans. I was a few inches away from him when he dropped the luggage and spirited away. I was so glad I had all my precious stuff back and soon enough we got on the plane.I got told from the pilot that it took 6 hours and 5 minutes to fly to kawaii It was going to be an adventure that james and I will love. As we walked through the cabins we found ours, room 13. As we walked through the sliding doors we found ourselves in lugurry. Nothing could possibly ruin our day now, we were in a $21,650 room.I told James, “It is 1:30 and I am going to get some rest, but wake me up in the last hour ok?”James replied saying, “Okey-dokey” I woke up instantly 3 hours later and said, “what is going on James?!”He couldn’t hear me, there was an alarm going off so loud! The pilot screamed prepare for an emergency landing. I tried to call 911, there was no service, what do I do! Bammm! I got knocked on conscious! * I woke up not knowing where I was. I was dragged out onto the shore, I was not in hawaii but is was somewhere tropical. I saw more people slamming someone’s chest, I didn’t know who so I went to check to see if it was James, I slowly crawled over. My eyes opened and saw James laying on the ground not breathing, not doing anything. Someone told me the nurse died from the crash so she could not help, and that he was in acoma. Our friendship was over James would never survive any longer, I started balling my eyes out. And I thought I would die to, there is no way of getting help on this small island that no one knows where it is or if they know it even exists. I cried saying, “I AM DONE FOR, I AM GOING TO DIE!” HELP!


I'm Mary!

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