It could cost your business its reputation

Itis crucial to protect your business against cyber security threats and provideyour customers with assurance that their information is secure. The Internetallows the potential for expanding a customer base, internationalcustomers/suppliers, and save on supply costs. When expanding to an onlinebusiness, it opens your business to a possibility of scams and securitythreats.

A single attack could cost your business its reputation with customersand possible investors. No matter the size of the business, every business isat risk of becoming the next target. By implanting a Tier 3 facilityinfrastructure over a Tier 1, it provided redundant configurations for thecentral subsystems in the data center facility layer. A Tier 3 facilityprovides a top class, highly available colocation, equipped with aserver-hosting infrastructure, and platform software service. In a Tier 3facility, you will not have more than 1.6 hours of unplanned downtime in ayear. Providing this accessibility is incredible compared to the other tiers.Tier 3 data centers are great if you have sensitive information to protect andrequire a very secure hosting environment.

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Tier 3 should also be chosen overthe others if your business is of high priority, and any disturbance or loss ofdata would be extreme financial losses. Features of a Tier 3 facility include:(1) computer system is served by one signal path at a time, (2) sensitivecomponents are supplied with dual power supplies and are fault tolerant, (3)on-site fuel systems are supplied with 12 hours of redundant power, (4) powerpacked arraignments to deal with a catastrophe, power failure, or undesirableevent. DTGOV supports federal social securitybenefits and it is vital to the mission of the company to have a fail save putin place to ensure that business gets done smoothly, as usual. In addition tothe Social Security information that DTGOV protects, they also representseveral private businesses. Working as a data center manager, your worstnightmare would be a system that is difficult to design, deploy, maintain andmanage.

Not only would this be frustrating, but also would contribute to a lotof host problems including: high cost, slow deployment, issue with downtime andchallenging scalability. When systems and components are changeable,repeatable, and integrated there is great potential for cost-saving resourceswhen implementing a data center. Not only will you be able to save money, thereis potential for saving time when it comes time for operation and maintenance.By eliminating the confusion and keeping all data centers the same, it reducesthe training and troubleshooting time. You will not have to train staff on howto fix/maintain several different data centers, when they will all be equippedwith similar hardware.

When narrowing down what hardware will be used, theequipment will be easier to understand and remember. If you need to deployanother data center the configuration and deployment will be simple because itwill use the same hardware. Protecting your business against cyberattacks should be your main priority especially if you’re handling customerspersonal information. You should first start by educating your employees, onhow to protect the information, along with what threats are out there. Equippedwith this knowledge, your employees will know how to secure information ontheir end, along with what to do if an attack were to occur.

The last thing youwant is for an attack to occur and an employee not know how to handle it. Theyneed to know who to identify, and what steps to take to keep the attack assmall as possible. I would also educate employees on social engineering scams.

Zoomvideo conferencing, sends out several emails a quarter with possible links inthem to see what employee might click on the link. With that information we cansee where our weakness are and who in the company might need additionaltraining. We would never single out an employee, so lets say three members ofour sales team clicks the link. That would inform us that our sales team needsmore training on security breaches and what potential threats look like.

Aftereducating employees, your networking team can look into multiple layers ofsecurity. First layer would be to implement firewalls, since they’re essentialfor stopping attackers from gaining access to your network. You can addadditional layers such as securing applications or websites. This would ensurethat the portal is protected against application attacks such as SQL injectionsand XSS.             When handling social securitynumbers, a data breach could greatly impact your business. Equifax, one of thelargest credit bureaus in the United States, said on September 3, 2017 that anapplication vulnerability on one of their websites led to a data breach thatexposed about 143 million consumers.

Personal information (including SocialSecurity numbers, birth dates, addresses, and in some cases drivers’ licensenumbers) of 143 million consumers; 209,000 consumers also had their credit carddata exposed. By using a Tier 3 facility, standardized hardware andimplementing security considerations hopefully DTGOV will stay out of the newsheadlines for security breaches. 


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