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It has been 30 years since Kenneth waltz wrote in “theory of international politics”. But still his work considered as pioneer for critics of realism and neorealism. Realism is a theory of IR who solely depends upon state power as individual. According to realism foreign policy should be formulated by leadership according to the reasoning and facts.

Realism denies the concepts of mutual cooperation through any global platform. Because according to them there is a lack of authoritative body in the world. During the cold war the concepts of realism were clearly challenged by the liberalists and world shifted their focus from realism to liberalism. As they formulated strong international law and international and regional organizations. In 1979 Kenneth Waltz, revived realism once again by reshaping the realism as structural realism in theory of international politics.

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Structural realism or neorealism also depends upon state power and anarchy. Some of the major contributions of the Kenneth Waltz in theory of international politics are as follows:International system is anarchic.No central authority that can enforce lawStates operate on the basis of self helpTheir main focus is survival of the stateBalance of power to change the systemDistribution of powerTheory of international politics was scrutinized many times by its critics. Ruggie once review theory of international politics. According to him international system is not anarchic rather it is focused on norms and centrality of ideas. He criticized that Waltz focused on self-help and distribution of power but did not differentiate between states.

According to some other critics Waltz ignored the role of the units and their impact.Theory of international politics as came in 1979 it was the year who actually started the decline of cold war. When in the last years of 1980s cold war actually ended many scholars of international relations tried to reshape theory of international politics according to the new circumstances. Such as the need to organize international politics in such a way where human rights violations are lesser and international law is superior. In this regard the platforms given by IOs and ROs were used. Theory of international politics was the most popular one since the thirty years.


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