It cautiously. Therefore, writing benefits health, future goals,

It is actually worthy of people, both mentally and physically as well as their productivity, when they write about their traumatic experiences cautiously. Therefore, writing benefits health, future goals, and productivity. First of all, writing about traumatic events is actually good for health. According to the research conducted by James W.

Pennebaker in 1986, the subjects of the experiment, who were instructed to write about traumatic experiences for around 15-30 minutes, experienced a better psychological health and immune systems. In addition, for those who are unemployed, they can get back to work again, and better grade among students. While there are health benefits of writing some traumatic stories, Laura King also added that writing about goals improve the wellness of mind too. Pennebaker said that the positive development of well-being is correlated to the narrative writing of negative stories rather than keep them inside the mind as it helps memory to be organized and how to link and apply the experiences of past, present, and future. Second, when people have a certain set goal, it will make them cope with trauma effectively.

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The researchers explained that setting specific goals leads to a better health because, Elovainio and Kivimaki explained that, each individual will experience the decreasing if anxious experience when he or she has a clear goal. Additionally, researchers also mentioned that having a pursuit of goals and attainment is related to the feeling of happiness. Positive feelings are the result of the release of neurotransmitter dopamine which is done by having the desired goal. Therefore, it is hard for those who do not own any specific goal to feel hopeful or interested in something.

In fact, “self-defined” goal is better than “externally defined” goal as it is driven by pressure and negative feelings. According to the finding, students who obtained this idea got a good result for final grades. Moreover, it suggested that people will become more flexible, complete tasks more efficiently, as well as efficiently integrate across all the spheres of lives. Last but not least, many years of research has supported that chasing the set goals results in the development of carrying out the task.

The crucial benefits of fixing the goal are that goal that is actually hard to accomplish leads you to do best on everything you can, and there is a positive relationship between the difficult goal and the performance, and the external factors such as feedback or competition will not disturb the task performance. There are many studies and research share the same conclusion that getting goals set lead to more productivity. It can be applied to many areas of works, for instance, according to the experiment, the logging crew performed a better work when they were told to do their best, compared to another crew that was merely told anything.

Another experiment, university students who were told to imagine that they are going to get good scores had less exam-related stress and got a successful result. In brief, writing about the stressful or traumatic related experiences actually benefits each individual both mentally and physically. Nevertheless, having goals improves the performance while brings the positive emotions.  


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