It bases that become valuable as new research

It is called research byphilosophers and scientists all over the world whose research findings publishscientific literature. By publishing research results from these scientists andphilosophers, they can transfer or exchange their research work, and they alsodiscuss with their peers what developmental gains are. Research is provided inprinted and non-printed formats  This is the main source of thefruits of scientific experiments and a record of the long-standing achievementsof the scientific community. This scientific knowledgebase consists of individual “end products” for scientific researchand discovery, and with the continuous development of new research on earlyresearch.

This new study may add, confirm, modify, revise or refute existingknowledge in a particular subject. As a tool, new research and discoveries inthe laboratory or field rely on existing scientific knowledge bases that becomevaluable as new research is incorporated into the scientific knowledge base.The scientific literature that forms the scientificknowledge base is often divided into two broad categories. Primary literature is something that refers to originalresearch, means no notes, when we talk about original research the idea is thatwe have the general ideas, articles or research papers, primary literaturecomposed of genuine research which is performed by expert researchers in theirgrasslands.

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It is performed alone or can be executed with the participation bya team of researchers. These include conference papers, monographic series, journalpapers, technical reports, theses, short communication, rapid communication,review papers, review reports, video recordings by experts. Now these researchpapers can be categories into many parts, research paper is something which iswritten an expert and is check by an expert and approved by an expert. Let us discussabout them.Initially we have general paper which is further split into two parts peerreview and not-peer review,  peerreview means if you do any research and it has published, while other is not-peer review means if you do anyresearch but it never published, some general papers are normal and some arediffer like. Short communication it is something which is a really excitingit is some type of breakthrough and this breakthrough is very short, anotheris.

Rapid communication in thissomething which has been communicated recently. Then we have something which isvery long and we call it the reviewpaper, the idea is that when we are talking about business we are notinterested in publishing the paper instead we are interested in giving theresults or giving the output this output can be in the form of reports or reviewreports, actually review reports arenot in the form of paper format they are in different format and that format issomething in which you highlight the practical aspects. After that we havesomething we have to present in the conference to the audience and get therefeedbacks and finally they are in the printed form and that is something towhich we call conference proceedingpapers, now if I have my own research which I collect from differentsources and we call it as dissertationor theses, theses is divided into two types which are script in which we never write to much that is not more thanhundred pages and other type is manuscriptit is in the form of book and it will be more than hundred pages. Now a days pictorial and video abstract are also very common they are also belonging toprimary literature. Like if someone makes the video by any expert of any newresearch and forward to some experts.

    Secondary literature basically it is the part of theoriginal research or the primary research. Secondary literature is the mass ofpublished materials that interpret, evaluate, or analyze the evidence derivedfrom primary sources, which includes newsletters, internet, magazines, textbooks,newspapers.Newsletter Ahard copy report containing information, updates, and newsof the animation of a business or a firm, institutions, societies, associations that is sent by mail regularlyto all its members, customers, employees or people, who are interested in.Internet isintercontinental structure of reciprocally connected computer networks that utilize the Internet protocol suite tointerconnect devices internationally.

It carries huge range of informationamenity and services, such as the interlocked documents and, applications of the World Wide Web, file sharing, and emails.Magazine isa proclamation, mostlya periodicaldissemination, which is published in hard copyor electrically sometimes we say it as an on line magazines. They are usually published on a regular basis and includea variety of content. The storage or collection location isknown to be as magazine.

In education’s field education it is writtenpublication or it is a ten to fifteen pages book that contain written articles.newspaper a paper that isprinted and distributed usually daily or weekly and that contains news,articles of opinion, features, and advertising. Textbook a course book is a hand-operated of directions in any field ofschooling. they are preprint according to the needs of academic organization.At this time, most textbooks are not preprint entirely in hard copy, many arenow accessible as accessible books.


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