It auditorium can be also used for holding

It is a well-known fact that Sri Lankan universitysystem is not fulfilled with those high facilities.

It is mainly because of themost government universities are established under the free education system.But there are some common unfulfilled facilities in the universities and nothaving a proper auditorium is one of the most identified problems in universityof Sri Jayewardenepura.Building or having an auditorium is somewhatexpensive.

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An auditorium  provides theadvantage in promoting the aims of education in a university .In many cases theauditorium would be idle and therefore the relevant authorities tend to believethat it is good to have those small auditoriums rather than having big andadvanced auditoriums. It is really important to have an auditorium whererecreational activities and celebrations could take place. Curricular andcreative things such as music, dramas, debates, talent shows, exhibitions canbe carried out. An auditorium can be also used for holding public lectures.This is beneficial for university as we can involve many students for thesekinds of learning activities. Very often university students use thisauditoriums for various, cultural and social purposes.

The size of an auditorium has to be decided on thebasis of its uses and functions as well as the capacity of undergraduates ofthe university. The auditorium should be enough to accommodate the needs of theuniversity. Another aspect that we need to consider is the auditorium should belocated on the ground floor and should be easily accessible from all departmentsand faculties. This should be preferably located in a separate wing so thatwhile it is being used, lectures won’t get disturbed due to noise and crowd.For the convenience auditorium must provide the parking facilities outside ornear.The acoustical design of an auditorium is differentbecause of the specific demands of the performing arts, which differentiate theauditorium from a common lecture hall.

The auditorium will provide manystudents their first introduction to performing arts, both as performers andaudiences. We would like this introduction to the stage to be a positive one.Therefore it is better to have an auditorium in the university with theserequirements. The acoustical design must be with room size and shape, andproperly designed sound amplification system. This must also include carefulsound isolation from nearby places and a very quiet mechanical system.A good auditorium must have good acoustics.

Thereshould be relevant equipment like speaker’s stand and comfortable surroundings.An auditorium should be constructed in a way that the speaker’s voice isclearly heard in the entire auditorium without echoes. The appearance and theacoustics have to be improved using appropriate curtains, wall hangings andabsorbent roof and ceilings. The most important thing is the lighting.

It playsan important part in overall efficiency of an auditorium. The lighting facilityshould be flexible. There should be facilities for increasing or decreasing theintensity of colour. Adequate facilities of flood lightings and spot lightingsshould be available.

The auditorium should have a screen and goodaudio-visual equipment in order to show educational and entertaining films andvideos. A specific space must be provided for the film projectors. The stage ofthe auditorium should be of adequate size and should be at an appropriateheight.

The sufficient off stage requirements should be provided. There must beat least two green rooms one for male students and another for girls and awashroom. There should be adequate number of chairs permanently kept in theauditorium for special purposes. Sometimes it is really important to vacate theauditorium if the students are to be seated on the floor of the auditorium. Itwill be easy to use the chairs in folding type. These are some common featuresof an auditorium and the walls of the auditorium hall must be well paintedadorned with picturesque colours to give a grand look.

The construction of an auditorium should be governedby the activities that are to be carried on it. An auditorium can be made topromote the public educational objectives. There is a major use of anauditorium in our university as we aren’t privileged to have a properauditorium.

In most of the times our own graduation ceremonies take place inBandaranayke Memorial International Conference Hall. But these ceremonies andvarious functions cost lot of money for reservation. If we have a properauditorium with good facilities we would have reduced the cost incurred invarious ceremonies and functions.The auditorium as a unit in university buildings seemsto have been introduced to provide a place for above requirements.

Experiencehas proved, however, that a good auditorium does not lend itself adequate useas a study hall. The function of an auditorium will be varied with thepurposes. Its main purpose is to provide a meeting place in which theuniversity may conduct graduation ceremonies and exhibitions.The auditorium is a central and important space in anyuniversity mainly because of its advantages. In university of SriJayewardenepura we only have the science faculty auditorium and theBandaranayke hall. But these two halls aren’t enough to cater various eventshappening in the university. And also for the formal assemblies like award ceremonies,dramatic plays, musical theatre productions (naada), battles of the bands,dance competitions (mini vibes and vibes), concert performances of opera and soon.

We have been suffering for not having a goodauditorium for many years.  A welldesigned auditorium can bring many advantages to a university. A goodauditorium will continue to pay educational, financial and artistic dividendsfor years to come.By doing a little bit of research you will find thatit is better to locate an auditorium in our university.

You can find numerousevents that could be hosted in an auditorium as these auditoriums are operatedin an efficient and professional manner .Having an auditorium will give you theplus points like easy financial arrangements and easy access as universitystudents. 


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