Islamic at Tk.3415 million as 31 December

Islamic belief system urges us to prevail in life here and from now on. To make this progress we should take after the route managed by the Heavenly Quran and the way appeared by Rasul (SM). With this objective in see Al-Arafah Islami Bank Ltd was set up (enrolled) as an open constrained organization on 18 June, 1995. The debut service occurred on 27 September 1995.The approved capital of the bank is Tk.2500.00 million and the paid up capital Tk.1500 million. Some exceptionally prestigious Islamic identities and devout businesspeople of the nation are the supporters of the bank. The aggregate paid up capital was contributed territory.
The bank is resolved to contribute altogether in the national economy. It has made a positive commitment towards the towards the financial improvement of the nation by opening 94 branches on which 31 approved merchant (Advertisement) all through the nation.
The value of the bank remained at Tk.3415 million as 31 December 2011, the labor are 1805 and number of investors are12561.
The bank directs its business on the standards of Mudaraba, Bai-muazzal, and enlists buy exchanges endorsed by Bangladesh Bank. Normally, its modes and activities are significantly unique in relation to those of other customary business bank. There is a Shariah chamber in the banks who keeps up consistent watchfulness to guarantee that the exercises of the bank are being led on the statutes of Islam. The Shariah board comprises of noticeable Ulema, presumed financiers, prestigious legal counselors and famous business analyst.


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