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As compared to some few decades ago when technology was not valued very much, present societies rely heavily on technological innovations in doing almost everything in their lives. Currently, one can work without having to travel long distances to offices via a virtual office; the wireless mode of communication has made communication easy; hence, one can send and receive messages from all over the world with a single click of a button in their electronic gadget, and one can wash and prepare meals within very short durations. This means that technological innovations and modern conveniences are an integral part of the human life, as these are things that many consider to give life a meaning. Although this modern conveniences and technological innovations are a crucial part of life, they also have negative effects, because of the harmful nature of some innovations such as the atomic bombs, pollution from automobiles, and health hazards that come with genetically modified foods. However, although modern conveniences and technological innovations have some negative effects, the benefits of such conveniences and innovations overshadow such effects; hence, modern conveniences and technological developments have greatly improved the quality of life; hence, a blessing.

Most present discoveries in medicine, business, education, agriculture, transport, and communication primarily rely on technology. It is hard to imagine how life would be without this conveniences and innovations, as they are the primary determinants of the quality of life. For example, unlike in the past when traveling long distances was a problem, presently there exist very fast electric trains and aircrafts, which have made the transport process easy. In addition, innovations like the internet have made communication and learning easy, as individuals are able to learn from any geographical areas.

Further, through the numerous cable, satellite, and wireless technologies, for example the television and phones, individuals are able to pass and update themselves with any developments in the world. In medicine, it is through the numerous technological innovations medical researchers have succeeded to come up with vaccines and drugs for different types of diseases, which lacked cure in the past. Modern conveniences have also made most home chores not only easy to perform, but also fast to execute. Currently, home electronic gadgets such as the oven, microwave, and fridges have made the process of preparing and preserving foods easy.

Although in running this machines energy is required, as compared to the cost of buying and time of preparing foods using traditional means, modern conveniences are more advantageous. On the other hand, modern conveniences are the primary drivers of the most competitive economies in the world. Technological innovations are one of the biggest job creators in the world. That is, with every technological innovation that is invented, numerous job opportunities are created, because of the ever-increasing competitive pressure from different spheres of life. Although with present technologies, most duties are associated with short life cycles, which require fewer personnel to execute them, more rapid product innovations have made it necessary for industries to create more job opportunities. In addition, technological innovations have greatly improved work performance and delivery of quality results. It is hard to imagine how doing some things would be without machines such as loaders, computers, and processing engines.

Hence, it is because of this that nowadays that production and process firms are able to produce the required amount of goods such as food and medicine to meet the ever-increasing human demand of such goods. Therefore, technological innovations and modern conveniences are the primary determinants of the quality of life. Although technological innovations and modern conveniences have transformed people’s lives, their benefits come with numerous negative effects, which are slowly destroying life. One thing that most individuals fail to recognize is that, most technological innovations benefits only individuals who can afford them, but the effects are felt by everyone. For example, although not all individuals can afford to purchase an automobile, the effects of environmental pollution are felt by everyone. In a world of limited resources and increased egocentrism and voracity destruction of life is inevitable, as individuals endeavor to develop technological tools, which benefit their greediness, such weapons of mass destruction. It is through the numerous existing industrial technologies that cigarette and alcohol manufacturing industries have emerged.

Further, although most modern conveniences for example, high tech entertainment gadgets have improved the quality of life, such innovations have negatively impacted people’s health. Most individuals have a tendency of consuming junk foods and watching the television for hours; hence, have no time to exercise. As a result of such tendencies, nowadays cases of obesity are many. Yes, although all these negative effects exist, this are effects individuals can minimize if they avoid misusing modern conveniences and acknowledge the significance of any technological innovation. In conclusion, so long as modern conveniences and technological innovations are not misused, the benefits of modern conveniences are many as compared to their negative effects. Modern conveniences and technological developments are the backbone of any society, as it hard to survive without these innovations. This is the case primarily because; it is very hard to imagine how life would be without these developments, because of their role in people’s lives.


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