Is fashion is not just clothes ,

Is fashion important? By Joy Clothing has become an essential way to realize everyone’s difference.

Fashion is how to empress yourself. Your clothes make your fashion statement. So stand straight and carry yourself with grace. Many people have expressed themselves with the way they look; they have put some message in what they dress. Others change the way they look to stand out in the group, they become popular and everyone else follows. Fashion is an art. It’s a religion. It’s how you express yourself.

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Surly, fashion is an individual statement for each of us.One vital reason is that fashion is an art .for example fashion is not just clothes , it’s the sky , the sun, the sea and many more , fashion is all around us .

Fashion is from the ground to the sky. Moreover it’s from the accessories on your hair to the style of your shoes. Yes fashion may be a pain in the back but really it’s the way to self realization. Another vital impact is that it is something you do everyday. for all those people who say they don’t care , when your stylist for example recommends a dress at the shop once and a while you say I don’t feel like buying it that is what you’re feeling, that that doesn’t express yourself . For instance teenagers in 1945 were dressing up like Elvis Presley and then after that there’s a new trend.In addition , fashion is a language .

for example , you see people wearing black you may feel uncorfortable but right then this uncomfortableness is a language that something is wrong.


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