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Inviting traffic to website is concern of every website moderator. More views, of course, means that your website holds greater value. This way you can attract more advertisers, and also, charge much more. So why not?

The key to attracting website traffic is to realize that it can be done by making small changes to your website. These small things can bring tremendous amount of traffic.

1.       Write good content

When I ask you to write good content, it is as simple as that. There is nothing complicated that I am asking of you. Good content is simply a well- structured, clear and relevant content. Always check your content for these three things.

Well- structured means that content is in the right sequence. It means the things that you ought to put in the introductory paragraph, that stuff goes there only. Same goes for the headings or paragraphs, and the conclusion. Try to build up excitement and curiosity in the introduction. The middle part should elaborate on the topic. Conclusion, if any, should be thoughts summed up in one or two sentences.

Clear content means that you get your grammar straight. Understand the differences between whom, who and whose; they, their, there and they’re; than and then. A misuse of word can result in difference of meaning. Also, grammatical errors are very unprofessional. Try to avoid them as much as you can. Perhaps hire an editor.

Relevant content means that your content is not click bait; that you deliver what you promise. For example, in an article titled ‘5 ways to become more social’, try to limit describing that a lot of people are not very social to the introductory paragraph. Make sure your content actually does give 5 ways to become more social.

2.       Focus on being unique

As much as good content is important, so is unique content. Internet is full of ideas. And so is internet full of redundancy. Anything that is unique is a plus one for you. It makes you stand out of others. By unique, the idea is to bring in new ideas. In an article, for example, on topic ‘3 things you need to know before getting married’, try to add a new point in the top three list. You may put two similar ideas in your article, but ensure that at least 1/3rd of your content is absolutely new.

While good content (remember the three factors?) make sure that your website appears good to the viewer and is ranked high on Google, unique content helps you develop permanent and dedicated viewership. Once people find you different from usual content online, they take mental notes to keep coming back.

3.       Use SEO techniques

SEO, search engine optimization, is a set of techniques you can implement on your content to rank it higher on Google. It is a bunch of techniques that can be used to make the content more ‘findable’ on Google. You will need to research on the topic deeply, but I will mention top 3 optimization techniques for ease:

1.       You can optimize your blog post title by specifying what exactly the article is about. For example, in a blog post about what you should feed your cat, instead of titling it simply ‘cats (which is not at all wrong; but soooo much broad. What about cats? How cute cats are? Reasons why one should or should not get a cat? What exactly about it?)’, try titling it ‘X things you should feed your cat’.

2.       Add number to your title. X ways to eat rice is found to be more yielding than ways to eat rice.

3.       Add keywords. Keywords are words that you repeat in your post often to make sure that when that word is searched on Google, your article pops up. 2- 3 times should be enough mentioning.


4.       Use domain authority checker

Domain authority checker is a tool by Moz. As we are already aware that Google does not rank every sight equally. And there are more factors than content quality included to website ranking, this tool takes a number of factors into account and gives us a figure which shows how good of a chance our websites have to be ranked high on Google. This is done on a scale of 0- 100. The greater the number, the more the chances! Make sure this number stays high. This will ensure maximum traffic.


5.       WordPress Themes :


No matter if you are newbie or expert in web development WordPress Can help you in any way more than custom designed themes. WordPress themes came up with the various comfortable features which are highly customizable. You can just drag and drop any kind of required element on your website. Like I said before good content suits on engaging and charming website designs. There are multiple free themes available which can be installed on one click. The most interesting thing in WordPress is Plugins. High rated plugins can help you to add any kind of complex feature on your website. Like if you wanted to run an online shopping store you can have it for free with woocommerce plugin. If you are feeling your website speed is lower than expected you can speed up your website with high rated plugins like Wp super cache. Many SEO plugins are available like Yoast SEO , Pre Post Seo plugin . Once you installed the Yost SEO you don’t have to hire any SEO agency or SEO expert.This plugin will drive you very easily and you will be doing your own SEO by yourself.

So, I would recommend using WordPress if you want to increase traffic on your website as its highly customizable and you can add any demanding feature any time according to your visitors.



6.       Mark it to……… market!


Advertising is important to every business. So is it to your website. Now in the content world, there are a couple of ways marketing can be done. For starters, use social media. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Whatsapp; the internet world is unlimited. It takes only a couple of clicks to make a Facebook page. Start with that. Invite all your friends. Make a platform for people to come together and discuss on the issues that you discuss on your website. People, today, prefer having a discussion on Facebook then say, in the comments section of a website. Regularly share your posts on social media. Try reposting. This will bring in traffic. If you have the budget, don’t miss the opportunity to opt for paid advertisement. It is very cheap and affordable today.

Secondly, in the content world, guest posts are a thing. Sometimes you have to pay for it, or sometimes you just get a favor. Either way, it is largely beneficial. Guest posts are basically occasional appearances you can make on other people’s websites. Likewise, other people can make appearances on your website. This exchange is done by posting on each other’s website. When you make a post on somebody’s blog, your name/ your website name is tagged there. This means that you are properly credited for the work you do. So when people read your guest posts on someone else’s blog, you are bound to bring in traffic to your website. Two factors that matter here are

a)      Content quality. It is impossible to bring in traffic without making an impression

b)      The traffic on the website you are making appearance on. Obviously it is proportionate to the amount of views you get



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