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Subject Introduction – 2 Question A-L – 2 Illustrations – 8 Works cited – 9 The report is about the state of Iowa in the United States of America, its altitude, originality and also its climate and effect to human beings.

It also focuses on the political state and development together with its economic activities and their contribution to the state. The education system is furthermore discussed together with its growth and entertainment or recreation grounds and the cost of sustaining them. In addition it addresses the natural resources and their effects to the state. The state of Iowa is found in Midwestern United States. On its east is the Mississippi River while on the west is the Big Sioux River and the Missouri River. It is found on latitude; 43 degrees,23 minutes to 43degrees, 30minutes north and latitude; 90degrees, 8minutes to 96degrees, 38minutes west (Whittaker 90).

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Earlier on, it was part of French colony, but as a result of European exploration the settlers established their settlements and started agriculture in the Corn Belt. As the population increased in into Iowa, people began to consider having a state government, which would have elected officials. In 1840 and 1842 referendums were conducted to decide whether Iowa should become a state but both failed. But in 1844, people finally agreed to form a state and officers were chosen to draw up a constitution of the state to show its boundaries, the officers to be in office and legislations will be made. The delegates drew up the boundaries and presented this to the Congress. Iowa was admitted as a state to the Union in 1846 as the 29th state. Iowa State has been involved in wars and conflicts with its neighboring states in the past severally.

The first war occurred in 1812 against the British supported by the Sauk and Ho-Chunk tribes who were against the building of the Ford Madison tower that had been built by the U.S. to control trade and establish their dominance over the state. “The U.S. was overpowered and as a way of re-establishing their control they constructed Fort Armstrong, Fort Snelling in Minnesota and Fort Atkinson at Nebraska. With this various trading points constructed, a lot of pressure was put on the Indians who were to move to other parts not dominated by the U.

S.” (Alex, 78) Alex (94) further notes “a treaty thereafter that was signed between William H. Harrison and Quashquame was disputed what led to the Black Hawk War of 1832 as it has placed a bigger part of the Illinois under the U.S.

territory.” It led to removal of all the Indians in Iowa State by the year 1846 that included the Sauk and the Meskwaki although they later returned and occupied parts of Tama where they stay to date. This led to the migration of some of the American settlers who had come and settled.

Another war erupted in 1861-1865 known as the cold war as a result of Abraham Lincoln’s policy of preserving the Union whereby the Iowa State voted for him. Although they did not participate directly in the war, they supplied food and other amenities to the armies and also contributed a large contingent of men as soldier. This caused conflicts with its neighbors as they were involved in the war indirectly. Agriculture is the main economic activity in the Iowa climate and covers approximately sixty percent of the land.

Some of the main crops that are grown include corn, hogs, soya beans, and oats which contribute greatly to the gross domestic product of the state’s economy. Consequently, the growing of these crops has led to the establishment of manufacturing and processing industries like the Archer Daniels Midland and Garst Seed Company that process and produce final products. The state is characterized by humid continental climate and basically has hot summers, cold winters, and wet springs. The most severe season is spring with a number of thunderstorms per year.

Animal life is altered during this season as tornadoes are usually common during spring and summer months result in the deaths of several people. Summer seasons are usually hot and humid with temperatures ranging between 32degrees to 38 degrees Celsius during the day. Winters temperature drop below freezing point and the state is very cold during this season. Natural disasters include; “tornadoes (around 46 a year), snowfall (seasonal 32 inches) & flooding (45-65 thunderstorms per year) and precipitation per year average around 34 inches.” The agriculture industry has really helped Iowa directly or indirectly. Iowa is an agricultural state and this industry contributes greatly to the gross national product thus boosting the state’s economy.

“The direct production and sale of raw agricultural products contributes approximately 3.5 percent of its gross state product. The indirect role of agriculture in Iowa’s economy can be measured in various ways, but its total impact, including agriculture-affiliated business, has been measured at 16.

4 percent in terms of value added and 24.3 percent in terms of total output” (Alex 154). Destinations in Iowa I would like to go: Mid America Museum of Aviation & Transportation: “is located at 2600 Expedition Court on the N.E. corner of Sioux Gateway Airport in Sioux City IA.

On display are classic cars, turn of the century horsedrawn road grader, a Curtiss P-40 Warhawk salvaged from the Florida Everglades, and classic emergency vehicles among others. The museum is open daily except Wednesday with admission fee of $6.00 for adult, $5.00 for seniors and active military and $3.00 for students age 5-14.

” The Registered Annual Great Bike Ride Across Iowa: it is a sporting event held in this state and attracts many participants and also markets farmers. These activities are normally held during warmer months when the weather is favorable to the competitors however, the cost of organizing the events is usually expensive that’s why they are held occasionally. The state has various sport teams in various disciplines that include Iowa State University and University of Iowa, University of Northern Iowa, and Drake University that are all college teams and compete in all sports in Division 1. Stadiums have been built where the games are played and a small fee charged for one attending the games.

Natural resources like forests have harbored wild animals which act as tourist attraction sites although with the expanding agriculture, most of it has been destroyed (Schwieder et al, 56). The current population of the state stands at 3,002,555 that denote an increase from the previous census. Its capital city is Des Moines which resides majority of the population which has a stable economy. Its revenue is collected from taxes imposed on citizens plus the proceeds from farming. Iowa State has an advanced system of education with several colleges established, both private and public and they include Iowa State University, Ames and Buena Vista University, Storm Lake which are mostly concerned with research work. The board that oversees their operation is appointed by the governor from among volunteers.

All these colleges cater for people with different special needs and the two state universities are among the Association of America Universities and are mainly research institutions.


Locating of Iowa on the US map Monthly Normal Temperatures For Various Iowa Cities (°F)CityJanFebMarAprMayJunJulAugSepOctNovDecDavenport[32]30/1336/1948/2961/4172/5281/6385/6883/6676/5765/4548/3235/20Des Moines29/1235/1848/2961/4072/5182/6186/6684/6476/5464/4247/2933/17Dubuque25/931/1543/2657/3869/4979/5882/6280/6072/5260/4044/2830/15Sioux City29/835/1547/2662/3773/4982/5886/6384/6176/5064/3845/2532/13Waterloo26/632/1345/2560/3672/4882/5885/6283/6075/5062/3845/2531/12


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