EBay several thousand dollars. There are a number


EBay is an online organization which deals with the auctions on the Internet. Everybody is given an opportunity to offer a thing he/she wants to sell and to set an opening bid and wait till the thing is bought. There are a lot of different items which may be bought from eBay, it may be a disk or a book which may cost $1 or it may be antique furniture which costs several thousand dollars.

There are a number of lessons eBay can teach us. First, eBay supports multi-language platforms, so that people from all over the world have an opportunity to buy things they like. Second, the auction lasts for several days, so that more people have an opportunity to take part in the auction. They also have an opportunity to search for the similar products to compare and contrast and bid for price. Third, the company follows the tendencies in the world and using those advertises its products and the services they offer. The information mentioned above may be considered as the lessons people may learn. It is obvious that these three lessons may be considered as the company strengths.

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Having provided the multi-language platforms, the company has entered the international market. The products are delivered to different countries and people from all over the world can buy things as almost each item predetermines shipping. All real auctions last for several hours. People come there and should provide their bid at once. EBay offers some time to think and to make a choice, whether to buy a product or not. The software and other innovative technologies the organization uses help the company function in the way it does. The lessons are really helpful for us and they are considered as the strengths for eBay.


Skype is a world known company which provides people with video online communication. The application free of charge, so people from different countries are given an opportunity to communicate either vie chart or by means of the headphones and web-camera. Moreover, there is a number of other additional opportunities Skype provides its customers with. Having considered some specific strategies the company uses, it may be concluded that there are a lot of lessons one may learn. Here are some of them.

First, Skype offers its clients video-calling between the users who have installed Skype application for free. This invites great many people to the service. Second, the company also offers additional services for additional payment. People are given an opportunity to be reached by a traditional telephone with the help of the regular number. The price for such calls is cheap. There are some other opportunities which help Skype earn money.

Third, the company offers additional services for its customers. The creation of premium numbers offer Skype customers additional opportunities. This shows that providing people with free options they attract more clients who are going to use additional services in the future for extra payment. Thus, on the basis of the lessons provided above, it may be completed that these strategies are the company strengths.

Is there any company which provides its customers with free of charge communication? Are there companies which allow free video calls? All the information mentioned above makes it possible for the company to be the leader in the field of online communication. The services provided by Skype are used by millions people all over the world.



com is the online company which offers customers to book any type of accommodation in many countries online. Being established in 2000, the company has become a leader in the industry very soon. Having considered the main idea of the business led by the company, the following lessons may be identified. First, the company has offices in different countries of the world that helps it provide the quality support for its customers. Moreover, the offices in different countries show that the company is international. Second, the company offers the accommodation services in different countries and in different hotels. Thus, customers should not visit different sites of hotels to find what they need.

They should just choose a country and the city they want and they will find the options for accommodations. Convenience and time saving are the qualities customers value in the organization and services it provides. Third, the use of Google services is really profitable. Wotif.com proved that spending money on the services provided by Google, the company earns more, covering expenses and earning more profit. The lessons we learned from the services provided by Wotif.

com may be considered as the organization strengths. Thus, the company provides its customers with the complex services devoted to the booking rooms in the hotels worldwide. It is obvious that a customer would better use this site rather than would search for the hotels and compare and contrast prices there.

All those operations may be made online on one site. Moreover, not each company has the representatives in different countries. This allows Wotif.com to solve problems, if any, faster.


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