IntroHow navigator and cartographer Amerigo Vespucci. Around

IntroHow does immigration affect you in your everyday life? That was the question that our teacher asked us. And a lot of students had no idea how immigrants affect them in a day to day bases. That got me thinking and I started to think about the how immigrants affect us and or benefit us.Before the first waveFrom 1790- 1820 the early congress couldn’t do much about immigration the state have that power the was given to them by the constitution. Between this time the WAR OF 1812 broke out, it was the war of the united state and Britain this slowed down immigration.

In 1814 immigrate resumed from Britain, only a couple of years later in 1819 there was an Act made. That required all captains of ship to keep their passengers records and details. The first wave U.S immigration was and still is an extremely important factor. Whether in a positive or negative manner we are impacted by U.S immigration in our day to day life, more than one might think.

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There has been four major waves in the history of the U.S. A good amount of 13.

5% are immigrants in the U.S population since the year 2015. Before the years 1790 there was 300,000 africans, 300,00 inglish, 100,000 scotch Irish, 100,000 German and 75,000 in america. The land known as America today was named this in 1507 by a navigator and cartographer Amerigo Vespucci.

Around the year 1000 a small number of vikings came to america, and five hundred years later the greatest European migration begun. Lot of people had the temptation to come to the United States because of land, hope for political and religious freedoms. By the mid-18th century, the British colonies had become the most prosperous in North America.The second wave A variety of people came to United States in 1820-1880 For example the Irish Catholics, Germans, Scandinavians and the chines.

In this 60 years 2.1 million immigrants came, but in these 60 year things were a lot more difficult than the first wave Specially for the Chinese and and the Irish. First of all the Irish were forced to leave Ireland because of potato famine this killed 1 to 1.5 million people in ireland. This was a massive disaster  because of disease and tons of staved because of it.

That Chinese also had to suffer a lot because of discrimination and racism just because of that was they looked and what they believed in.    People would put these racist ideas in others head that the Chinese were really bad peoples that would only bring bad stuff to the United States. They even made s act that exulted the Chinese this was called the yellow peril that was racist color metaphor.

Most immigrants were accepted but like the Chinese’s some people where not because of looks, beliefs or religion. The third wave The third wave took place between the year 1880-1930. Immigrants from Northwestern Europe from the British Isles, Germany,  Scandinavia, southern and eastern europeans from Italy, Russia, Austro-Hungary came to the united state in this time period. Also during this time new technologies were invented for example the steam engine, it made the trip here a lot Quicker and that was a big deal because the trip here wasn’t exactly really pleasant. Many people had good experiences when they came but man did not, other people didn’t trust them and texted their loyalty because the americans didn’t trust them and the chinese exclusion act was signified  The fourth wave In the fourth wave lots of people around the world come to the united states to live like from Mexico, Korea, India, Dominican republic, Cuba, Vietnam, Canada and the philippines. Many came because increase population pressure intense poverty where they lived.

When immigrants came to the United stated lot of them came to California, Florida, Texas, Illinois, new york, new jersey. Even today there are 10 million immigrants in california. Coming to the united states is different than it was in the times of ellis island. Now you have start your journey in your country of origin and do all the required things now you only spend 1-2 minutes going through US Customs on arrival at the airport. I truly didn’t see how important immigrant are to the United states until we started to learn the about the 4 major waves. Immigrants help our country by doing jobs that need to be done and that no one wants to do because they pay low andare hard work for example .

60% of the workers who ensure that no bad fruits or vegetables get to supermarkets are immigrants. Immigrants also help make America a stronger place my helping build new cities and adding to diversity. When immigrants arrived to the border of the united states they can’t just walk across the border, they have to face border patrol and asked questions and asked for visa and other things that make it difficult to come over the the united states.


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