Introductory is the second biggest planet in the

Introductory Paragraph- Saturn, discovered by Galileo in 1610, is the sixth planet in our solar system. It was named saturn after the god of agriculture, Saturnus. Since Saturn is the second biggest planet in the solar systems, it is completely different from earth.

Having a bigger radius allows it to have stronger gravity and many moons. This report will talk about different facts about Saturn and explain the reason behind each fact. Paragraph 2- To start off, the radius of Saturn is 58,232 kilometers which is 11 times bigger than the radius of the Earth. Because of its size, the gravity on Saturn is 10.

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44m/s2which is higher than the Earth’s. It has 62 moons because the greater pull by gravity. Saturn is the 6th planet in the solar system, which causes it to take longer to go around the sun. It takes about 29.5 years for Saturn to go around the sun because its orbital is so large, while Earth only takes a year.

It rotates faster than Earth, so a day is only 10 hours. Paragraph 3- Saturn is one of the windiest planets in the solar system with the speeds going up to 1800 km/h near the equator and has violent storms that break through the layers of the clouds. The winds combined with heat causes golden rings to appear in the atmosphere. Saturn has no surface that you can stand or walk on. If someone tried to walk on Saturn they would sink in because the surface is not solid. The temperature changes, which makes the pressure go higher and you get crushed into the planet.

Paragraph 4- Humans cannot possibly live on this planet because the temperature and the lack of oxygen. No one can walk on this planet because it has no surface that anyone can walk on and if someone tried they will get crushed in. The wind goes about 1800 km/h and anyone will get flown away and die because they will get picked up in the air and fall down really hard and fast. The violent storms can hurt people and kill them. Closing Paragraph-


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