INTRODUCTION”The not able to make his speech.This

INTRODUCTION”The King’s Speech” is a true based movie that tells a story Prince Albert (Colin Firth) who was second in line to the throne was going to be the king of England after the death of his father the King George V.But Albert unable to give a speech to his listener due to the stammer issue that he had and before entering world war 2 the nation will need a king who can lead the people and the whole nation.Albert’s wife  Elizabeth (Helena Bonham Carter) wanted to help him to overcome his issue and she look for the help of an eccentric speech therapist,Lionel Logue (Geoffrey Rush).Albert is relies on Louge and hope he can help him to overcome the speaking issue that he so that he can make his first wartime radio broadcast on Britain’s declaration of war on Germany in 1939.CONTENTSFirstly,the director did a great job and achieving his purpose by bringing the audience the story of the King George VI without boringness and the whole story of the movie is cleared and understandable.The begin with Albert who is going to be the king is going to give a speech for the audience but due to his stammer and fear of public speaking,he not able to make his speech.This scene actually telling the audience that Albert are having some issue for speaking and this can actually leave a question mark for the audience to figure out how exactly the king able to overcome his personal issue.Next,the flow of the movie is very good and smooth and the storyline is clear and connected to every scene,so the question mark that leave at the beginning of the movie will eventually solved.One thing I can’t be ignore is the acting of Colin Firth and Geoffrey Rush.Colin Firth act perfectly well as Albert the character who not able to speak properly and the way he react when he face any problem.There is a scene that Albert is so angry and even the “f” word is came out from his mouth,Firth act perfectly well for this scene and we can really feel the anger of Albert.Geoffrey Rush who act as a speech therapist,Lionel Logue really bringing the audience the patience of the character and the creative and effective way that can help the king to overcome the stammer issue and developing self-confidence of the king at the same time.Lionel listen to the childhood of Albert and able to identify that the problem of Albert is not only physicaly but also mentally due to bullying in childhood.After that,the cinematography is great,the camera man able to capture the perfect angle and focus on the character’s face expression,so the scene can be very nice and allowing the feeling of the character can be express to the audience at the same time.although the scenery of the movie is not impressing and no special effect is being applied in this movie but the soundtrack is well connected with the movie and this elevated the movie and preventing the movie become boring for the audience.In my opinion,the strength of the movie are the acting of the actor are really good and the flow of the movie is very smooth every scene is well connected and the storyline of the movie can be express to the audience clearly without confusing the audience.In this movie there are also few moral value that we need to practice in our daily life that is the perseverance to overcome difficulty and the courage to deal with difficulty.The weakness of the movie is some of the scene is lack of soundtrack,and this can be bored for some of the audience who cannot concentrate and listen to the conversation of the character.Other than that,all the element is great and enjoyable.CONCLUSIONBefore jumping to the conclusion,I think it is a good movie to watch because it tell us clearly what happened with the King George VI and allowing us to know more about history and learn something good from the past.The soundtrack,cinematography,directing and all other element is very good to watch and enjoy.In addition,Colin Firth actually win “The Best Male Actor” at the 83rd Academy Awards for this movie,so it is a good chance to watch and enjoy the acting of Colin Firth in this movie while understanding the history of the King George VI.Other than that,this movie is very interesting because when I watching this movie,I notice that there are few moral value for everyone of us to practice,such as the perseverance to overcome any obstacle like Albert overcoming his stammer and the courage to face the barrier in front of us.In concusion,I will recommend this movie for all adult,teenagers and also children in order for them to understand,everyone will have their own problem but if we pick up the courage and deal with the issue,there is nothing we can’t be overcome just like Albert eventually overcome his stammer and able to give a good and impressive speech.


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