IntroductionResearch actively participate in storytelling and present a

IntroductionResearch Background and PurposeMethod21century with globalization and  In the 21st century, globalization and the age of the Internet and the sns have led to many changes in the way people build their own selves. And the formation of the self and the change of the arrival of new desires and deficits. We are living in a world where our identity can be known so easily and conversely our identity can be formed into a new persona. We enter into a new concept of entertainment based on the change of self – formation. Throughout the history, people are seeking happiness, so the entertainment industry, which can enhance the quality of life, is regarded as an important industry with great growth potential around the world. One of the biggest entertainment in the world is the movie. The movie industry, which has a lot of money and easy access to it, has been a huge hit and has grown tremendously, but now it is declining a lot. It is necessary to analyze the entertainment industry and its direction that satisfy the audience who is accustomed to visual stimulation through the blockbuster movie or the continuous entertainment through the media that can be accessed anywhere by opening the eyes. This paper attempts to analyze examples of immersive theatre that are growing in fashion all over the world and how it can be improved in visual design. If the film and book are a form of accepting a new self with a relatively passive attitude and participated in the pleasure as an observer of storytelling, the immersive theatre will actively participate in storytelling and present a new point of view do. As a visual designer, I thought that it is necessary to study how to distinguish the audience from the audience limited to 2-dimensional design so that the audience can be given more pleasure.Having to grow from 4 different countries 8 different cities I had one little weird habit. I used 8 different names in 8 different places, with 8 slightly different characters. Since I was little I was very curious about our identity, what makes us ‘us’, who am I? People say ” I am me, be yourself” however I never really believed that they don’t even know what they are talking about. So I made an experiment through my life, which had stopped a few years ago, I never really thought of it seriously though. I just thought I was having fun myself, I was not an ordinary girl. Having to move another city to another country over the sea and into another continent several times is a big thing for a little girl. Her whole life changes, language, culture, people and even the weather and atmosphere changes entirely. Days when we had no Facebook, no Instagram, I was never able to contact with friends I have left behind, and I found myself becoming a different person due to a different environment and different people I hang out with. It was when little girl stopped crying and started an The reason I wanted to know more about this was that it was the goal of my life to be a designer who made people happy. Since I was a child, my dreams have changed many times, but I had dreams of film directors, drama directors, writers and musical directors. I turned around and dreamed, but in the end, everyone had the same thing as a job of telling one story visually. I thought it was so beautiful to deliver a topic or idea that I thought was worthwhile through visual storytelling. I wanted to be a person who not only delivers it but also to let a good lesson communicate and awaken in such a way that I enjoy the joy and enjoy my eyes in such a way that I can enjoy a moment of freedom during that time. I wanted to be a person who gives a glimmer of beauty to their time, which I have left for a while in a difficult world. After all, I just wanted to be a person who made people happy, but the approach was a little different. And I wanted to learn how to visually communicate design & interaction through graphic design education and aimed to realize my dream through it.’Entertainment’ is a way to entertain the mood with content and devices that make people feel emotions of all ages, and to create a feeling that they want to enjoy it as a basic human need that is essential to human life. It has the meaning of device industry. Even though people get excited about different things and have a different preference, most form comes in storytelling, drama, dance, music. So I wanted to study what I want to do because I think it is closely related to entertainment, from books and imagination to people who make people feel good, to movie directors who make people feel good through visual images.


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