Introduction:Please with everybody else and didn’t like what

Introduction:Please try and Imagine that your sitting in your room, with your door locked, A piece of paper and a pen.

Your hands shaking and so many tears coming down from your broken face. You start to write “Dear Family” “Dear Friends”. Your trying to find a way to start your suicide letter. To Your loved ones.You try over and over again but it doesn’t seem right, it looks like and feels like no one truly understands you, No one actually feels what your feeling right now in, Or that anyone really does care because you were that one new kid who didn’t fit in with everybody else and didn’t like what everyone else liked.

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Because you were “Different”. Because you made mistakes that everyone makes but the consequences were worst for you. “Goodbye world” are the last words that you whisper to yourself as you take your last breath before you end your life.Nobody cares right?Well your wrong.

The next morning when it’s 7:00 and your Mom is coming into your room to wake you up for school, she knocks on your door, she doesn’t know that you can’t hear her because you’re not even there anymore. She knocks a few more times.. No responses from you…Then she gets mad and bursts in your room. Then she walks in and sees you lying on the floor not breathing and breaks down into a million tears and screams for your dad.

Your dad rushes into your room and sees you lying on the floor dead and your mom balling her eyes out. He freezes for a moment and breaks down. Your dad trying to stay strong is trying to call the ambulance But there is no use… Your dead already.Your brother and sisters are all already at school so you never properly got to say goodbye.Your Mom uses all her remaining strength to hold you close to her and starts whispering “My poor baby what have they done to you” Over and over again with even more tears every time saying it. Your mom then starts to whisper these old nursery rhymes that she use to sing to you as a kid. Your dad Who is trying to stay strong breaks down too and starts balling his eyes out with your mom.No Body cares right?It’s 9:30 and your school is already halfway through their first periods, But the principal calls everyone to announce a very important message.

All the staff and students start to whisper to each other “What Happened” “Are we all in trouble?” Then 10 minutes later your principal announces your death your suicide.The popular girl that everyone wants to be friends with. The one that called you nasty names is now blaming herself.The kid that always copies your homework and treated you like nothing is now blaming himself.The boy that sat behind you in all your classes who use to treat you like an animal is now blaming himself too.

People start crying now, People are all shocked at this devastating news, And everyone who ever hurt you is now feeling regret and blaming themselves for the nasty things they had done to you.You still feel no one cares?When all your sibling come back from school they see your Mom and Dad sitting on the dinner table looking the saddest and downest they have ever been in their lives. Then your little sister asks “Mom Dad what’s going on?” then they tell them that you are no longer around with them anymore.Your little sister no matter how many times she told you she hated you and screamed at you always loved you so much. You were here role model here hero and now your gone. She rushes upstairs to her room and locks herself in her room and starts bawling her eyes out.Your older Brother who has never cried, Is locked up in his room crying so much because of how much he misses you. He’s looking at all the pictures you had taken out together and looks at this particular photo, Where your smiling at hugging him.

He blames himself for all the pranks he had played on you, All the times he had told on you. He doesn’t know how to deal with you gone forever. No Body cares Right?It’s been over a month since you died and your room door is still closed. Your Older Brother now goes to support groups and goes to a therapist 3 times a week to calm him down from all his emotions. He still hasn’t forgotten that day even though he is trying to.Your Little Sister cries everyday waiting for you to come back to her to play barbies with her.

The popular Girls who made fun of you everyday are now a mess because they are always angry and sad and mad at themselves for the things that they had done to you.Your Dad now has depression and needs to take these pills to even function, He also needs to see a therapist 3 times a week to try and live a normal live. But he can’t He won’t ever sleep the same.Your Mom hasn’t slept since that day and isn’t the same after you had left her.

She wasn’t at the jolly person that you know.. Now she’s a depressed drunk Mom who drinks her sorrows away.  And is now addicted to drugs to keep her alive.The boy who always threw things at you in class and called you all these nasty knames and a crush on you and is also not the same.

Because all he thinks about now is YOU. Because he did care about you alot he just didn’t show it.That boy who copies your Homework is trying to forget about you and trying to move on to his normal popular livestyle. But he can’t it’s so hard to forget about you.You still think people don’t care about you?Think twice.Even if they don’t show it on the outside that they love you just know that they all do deep down.Death doesn’t just happen to you, it happens to me to everyone around you. It happens to the people who are standing at your grave trying to live without you.

Suicide may be the easy way out, But it’s not the right way and the right choice. Life is beautiful. Yes they are ups and downs but that is all part of this game that we are all trying to beat and everyone has their bad days. But just because it’s a bad day…. That shouldn’t justify the rest of your life because you’ve had a bad day.

It should inspire you to keep fighting.I would like to end my speech with this one quote ” Suicide doesn’t end pain it gives it to someone else”Thank you all for listening to me


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