Introduction:India aggregateland can be farmed by using

Introduction:India is an agricultural country. TheIndian economy is basically agrarian. In spiteof economic development andindustrialization, agriculture is the backboneof the Indian economy. As Mahatma Gandhisaid, “India lives in villages and agriculture isthe soul of Indian economy”.

Nearlytwo-thirds of its population depends directlyon agriculture for its livelihood. Agriculture isthe mainstay of India’s economy. Itcontributes about 26 percent of the grossdomestic product.

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Agriculture meets foodrequirements of the people and producesseveral raw materials for industries .Natural resources and agriculturalresources are very helpful for makingeffective results on agricultural products.sowe have to mapping the resources with ageographical area within the india.resourcemapping are useful to those people who arenew to this agricultural field.and also we haveto denote the groundwater level,surface waterlevel,soil type how to utilize the waterresources nearby you and also a localweather report in a website or a androidapplication manner.

we include the additionalinformations species of crops type that canbe possible to cultivate in the area’s noted ina resource map.We are going to recommend somesuggestions are useful for farming potentialthrough digitally and also we include tips forfarmers and freshers to making agriculturalproducts become more better.If we make sure to implement this .itgives a education to farmers and fresherswho are interested in agriculture.educationagriculture,horticulture and natural resourcesprotects our economy,our food supply,ournatural environment and our future.Theappropriate use and sustainablemanagement of such resources foragricultural development are key to foodsecurity, poverty alleviation andenvironmental quality in most (sub)tropicalcountries.

The program is designed to serveas an incentive to the agricultural communityto promote water quantity,water quality andnatural systems to conserve groundwater useand promote resource sustainability.By helping farmers to adopt practicesthat reduce chemical use and conservescarce resources, sustainable agricultureresearch and education can play a key role inbuilding public support for agricultural landpreservation.Existing methods:In india various agriculturalproductivity methods and measuringtechniques used but they are not we faced lot of problems likefragmented landholding,irrigation_problems,seed_problems,Suistanabie problems,over dependence oftraditional crops like rice and wheat,supplychannel bottlenecks and lack of marketunderstanding.Solution:Consolidation of village lands andcooperative farming will ease the burden ofland holdings.

When the farmers form aconsortium at the village level, the aggregateland can be farmed by using the latest


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