Introduction:Heavy cause hazardous effect. So, it is necessary

Introduction:Heavy metals are naturally available elements. It is present in the ecosystem with varying concentration. Elevated concentration of heavy metal can lead to toxicity and retard the growth of living organism. Density is the important feature for defining the heavy metal properties. Heavy metals are defined as those having specific density of more than 5g/cm3. The serious threat of human health are related with an exposure  to heavy metals like  lead, copper, nickel, cadmium, zinc ( Järup 2003).

As growing population increase the risk of toxic water due to rapid industrialization. When chemical discarding into the water which are highly toxic in nature. Wastewater generate from the textile and chemicals making industries. These industries produce a large amount of effluent containing organic and inorganic pollutants; discard them into nearby river or lakes.This water moves to flowing water and reaches into drinking water and contaminates it. That polluted water causes toxic effects on aquatic ecosystem and human health (Lichtfouse et al. 2005).

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Wastewaters from industries contain a mixture of pollutants that vary from heavy metals to dyes which are carcinogenic for humans. Theses effluents stop photosynthetic activity by reducing light penetration into aquatic system.Their disposal into water causes serious threat to environment.

When untreated effluent makes the water bodies colored and create aesthetic problem and if it is untreated cause hazardous effect. So, it is necessary to eliminate from the environment. (Beekaro et al. 2011)REFERENCE:1. Jarup L.

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