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IntroductionCross Training Grounds would like to introduce a new feature in their gym facility that is not found in any fitness facility present today in the Philippines by providing a portion of their facility allocated for obstacle courses which is similar to a famous TV show in America called American Ninja Warrior. Since one problem in gym facilities is the continuous visit of customers, Cross Training Grounds would like to introduce the obstacle course which would provoke their attention to frequently visit. Also the obstacle course would give a sense of accomplishment and motivation to customers. When customers accomplish the obstacle course they would feel better about themselves because of that accomplishment and motivate them to continuously work out to maintain their physical condition that enabled them to finish the obstacle course. Also it would serve as a motivation in case of customers failing to complete the course, it would trigger their sense of pride and motivation that would make them work out to improve their physical prowess which would make them finish the course.Revenue Streams   The main revenue stream of Cross Training Grounds comes from the subscription fee for availing the service. The fitness center earns this money through the daily, monthly, and packages subscription fee. Daily subscription fees are incurred when a customer avails the use of the fitness center for the whole day with access to all the facility’s equipment with the guidance of the trainer. Monthly subscription fees are incurred when a customer avails the use of the facility and its equipment for the whole month, also with the guidance of the trainer. Packages subscription fees are incurred when a customer can receive a special discount from Cross Training Grounds when they avail certain packages. Discounts will depend on the number of months that the customer will avail. The secondary revenue streams of Cross Training Grounds comes from the gym merchandise, snacks and beverages. The gym merchandise that Cross Training Grounds offers are sports bag, bottles, towels and shirts. The snacks that Cross Training Grounds offers are energy bars,eggs and banana. The beverages that Cross Training Grounds offers are sports-related beverages and water.Cost Drivers Cost drivers in operating the facility will mostly revolve around on utilities such as electricity and water, wages of the trainers and other employees in the facility, advertising expenses to spread awareness of the brand and the rent for the space needed to operate the business.Variable costsThe businesses variable cost would be the utilities such as electricity and water. These utilities are needed in the everyday operations of the business.Fixed costsThe largest fixed cost that Cross Training Grounds will expect to experience is the wages of the trainers. The fitness centre plans to employ two trainers, the two trainers would have alternating shifts. One trainer would stay for the whole day, and the other one will enter for half of the day to help the other trainer with the volume of customers entering the facility during the business operations at night, then for the next day the trainers would alternate their shifts where the other trainer would enter for half day in the afternoon and the other trainer would work full day.Mixed costs For the operations of Cross Training Grounds the mixed cost is the insurance. It is for additional  protection for  the unlikely cases that the business would incur losses through unfortunate events such as, Fires, Stolen Items, and other events that would cause the business to increase its liability. Key Results Areas The Key Results Areas for Cross Training Grounds are brand marketing, variety of  equipment and competitive positioning. Cross Training Grounds brand marketing strategies to have its own brand ambassadors to promote the brand itself to the market. To achieve this, Cross Training Grounds needs to make a great image for the public and especially for their target market. The variety of equipment of Cross Training Grounds gives the fitness center a competitive advantage through its unique equipment patterned after the obstacles seen on the television show American Ninja Warrior. This would entice the customers to go back to the fitness facility since the equipment and obstacle courses would be the new workouts for the customers to participate in. Lastly, Endura MNL’s competitive positioning against its potential and existing competitors is its prices that can cater and target a wider array of  people from different social classes.Initial Investment Equipment needed for the fitness facility such as barbells, dumbbells, and weights that are to be used by the customers. Additional equipment such water dispensers is included for additional services provided by the gym, which is calculated to be P100,000 (one hundred thousand pesos). For operations, certain permits are needed to be able to properly start operations which is estimated to be P15,000 (fifteen thousand pesos). Also for protection of the partnership against unfortunate events such as injuries occurring in the gym, Cross Training Grounds would avail certain insurances which is estimated to be P30,000 (thirty thousand pesos). Of course rent is needed to be able to operate the business, the researchers used the traditional arrangement of rent for dormitories which is the monthly rate plus 2 months advance and 1 month deposit which is a total of P120,000 (one hundred thousand pesos), the rent is based on the initial location found by the researchers which is a monthly rate of P30,000 (thirty thousand pesos). The salary of the trainers is estimated to amount to P36,000 (thirty-six thousand pesos) or P18,000 (eighteen thousand pesos) per trainer. Marketing operations is also needed to boost the start-up of the operations so as to spread brand awareness of the brand, Cross Training Grounds estimates to spend P3,500 (three thousand five hundred pesos) on advertising and P10,000 (ten thousand pesos) to put up a website. And lastly utilities are also necessary in the operations that is estimated to be a total of P24,999 (twenty-four thousand nine hundred ninety nine pesos) which includes water, electricity, telephone, and CCTV.Below is a table of the of costs that the business will incur.


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