INTRODUCTION which pose barriers for rural residents to

INTRODUCTION                   Teenagers and young adults have their whole lives to look forward to. Sure, there will be ups and downs, tragedies, and hardships, but there will also be joy and happiness in everyone’s life. But in young age itself many individuals end up starting a bad habit as a result of all there worries. Yes, Apparently Smoking is the wrong choice which numerous adults getting addicted to in there young age. Everyday approximately around 1,200 people die due to smoking.

With every death, two healthy teens or young adults take smoking as there habit for the first time. If the current smoking trends continue, 5.6 million youths alive today will die prematurely 1.According to the research Psychosocially, the smokers are more likely getting influenced by there peers and siblings to take up this habit. If one person getting started to smoke, then within a year the nearby individual also getting stimulated to take up the habit 2.An additional risk factor influencing adults to smoke is Stress. Moreover, youth who experiences highly stressful events throughout there childhood are more likely to get addicted to the smoking habit at the age of 14 3.

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High school and college are the initiative period for most of the chain smokers 4. Smoking gives a wide relief to which the adults get addicted easily. Studies shows that smoking will reduce the anxiety and it is also seen that smoking often takes place after any stressful event or in stressful situations 5.Smokers are more likely than nonsmokers to develop heart disease, stroke, lung cancer, and other lung diseases 6.And when it comes as smoking among rural people, the health of people living in rural areas is impacted by tobacco use more so than those in urban and metropolitan areas, because of socioeconomic factors, culture, policies, and lack of proper healthcare 7. Rural populations are more likely to be unaware of the consequences, have limited access to care, and have limited transportation options which pose barriers for rural residents to see their health provider on a regular basis 8.Above all, Awarenesses and advices for the smokers are everywhere. All they need is self-control and responsibility toward there own life to quit this negative life sucking habit.

More than steps to be taken from the outside world to eradicate cigarettes, firstly measures should be taken from within every individual to not follow these sorts of life threatening acts. Once the drug-addicts learn and follow the advantages and disadvantages of smoking, they can see a new version of themselves by leading a happy life for them, there family and the society. 


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