Introduction different interesting activities we set up for

Introduction to personal development in health, social care or children’s and young people’s settings.Describe the duties and responsibilities of your role.Identify standards that influence the way your role is carried out.Describe ways to ensure that your personal attitudes or beliefs do not obstruct the quality of your work.My current position at nursery is volunteer nursery practitioner and when I started, I received the employee handbook from my manager, as well she gave me guidance to what I can do and to what I am limited to do. She explained the duties and responsibilities I have to carry out. My main duty is to treat all children with respect, dignity and equality.

My responsibility is to get involved to different interesting activities we set up for the children such as: play role, singing, reading books and making crafts. I have realised that children enjoy more learning through those activities. From my personal experience I have come across with some children who is below the expected national standards in maths. I try to help them and motivate them counting through playing. Also, I provide support to the children with personal care, washing hands, assisting with eating when is required and looking after them when they are in garden playing. There are many standards that influence the way I work and perform my responsibilities ensuring I follow the required standards.

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Some of them are:Codes of practice: internal policies and procedures of setting are documents created by the company I work give guidance and describe what my managers expect from me and my role within the company.Regulations: the health and safety at work. Preventing children from being harmed or ill we need to under take daily actions such as: record any accidents, all injuries or related diseases. Use the provide disinfectant products to clean tables and chairs. Make sure all the doors and gates are locked at all times as well as the doors which lead to kitchen or store room.

Maintain the floor free from spillages, toys or any other objects can cause slips, trips and falls. Also, regular equipment checks to prevent a risk for the children. Childcare Act (2006) is about the wellbeing of children. People who are involved with children such as: parents, relatives, teachers and nursery practitioners need to be aware of how they have to look after children, keep them safe, healthy and caring for their development. In order to protect children from maltreatment or misconduct from their legal guardian, nursery practitioners and teachers need to keep a record of possible incidents and bring it to the management attention in case of suspicious maltreatment.

For instance, if a child has bruises in places of their body like, knees, it can be from falling while playing. On the other hand, in case of unexplained bruises there are in parts of their body such as, inner thighs, we need to record it and if they are persisting management need to take further action.National Minimum Standards: Early Years Foundation Stage is a statutory framework from birth to five years old which setting the standards for learning, development and care for children. All the nursery practitioners must meet this framework to ensure that children learn and develop well and are kept healthy and safe. All children by the age of five need to have a broad range of knowledge and skills which is the foundation for their future in school.National Occupational Standards: Standards used to develop qualification and courses.Everyone is entitled to have their own opinions and beliefs however, it is very important that they do not have a negative impact on someone else’s work.

I am aware that within work is not possible to agree with everyone’s beliefs and attitude but at work regardless my own personal opinions, beliefs and feeling is clear that I will never try to impose them upon someone else either this person is a child or member of staff. I have to respect their beliefs and attitudes no matter how different are to mine. To prevent any obstruction, it will be helpful to know a bit of their background so I can understand them more and maintain a good quality of work. For instance, the religion is one of those factors.

Impose my beliefs to people who believe in something different to mine will affect my professional work. Also, I cannot be judgemental for something which is different to what I believe but respecting the differences between my own and others’ personal attitudes and beliefs will keep up the good quality of my work and remain professional at all times.


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