Introduction services on the company’s website. Delta Airline

IntroductionIn today’s highlycompetitive Airline Industry, various Airlines strive to emerge ahead of thegame and gain a competitive edge by adoptive strategic imperatives. Delta is amajor American Airline, headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. Beginning as afirst-ever commercial aerial agricultural company, Delta today is a globalcorporation with nearly 80,000 employees (Hale, 2016). Primarily, the AirlineCorporation provides value through domestic flights, but also offersinternational flights. This paper discusses the how the Delta Airline has usedits competitive advantage to attract and retain customers and improves itsoperational efficiencies. Utilization of Technologyby the CompanyIn the modern hotlycontested Airline industry, Delta Corporation has made it its priority toincrease customer retention by utilizing technology as a strategic imperative.Technology has allowed Delta to offer top-notch customer service programs.

Byproviding its customers with high quality and unique services through the Web-basedcustomer care capabilities, Delta has emerged as the industry’s best customerservice innovator (Solomon, 2015). The Airline Corporation has moved towardsinteractive services following the rapid advances in the wireless technology.This approach enabled the company to focus on the customer’s informationthrough a broad array of delivery devices such as the wireless handheld devicesand the web-enabled wireless telephones. The full utilization had the AirlineCompany to gain a significant competitive advantage and one of leadingperformers in the industry. How the company hasemployed the competitive advantageA competitive advantageis an essential phenomenon that allows a company to effectively participate ina highly contested environment and efficiently contribute to the achievement ofconsumers’ expectations. The Delta Airlines has employed its competitive advantageto attract and retain the already existing customers in the industry.

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With itscompetitive advantage, Delta Airlines has introduced various programs such asthe web-based customer capabilities for customers. These technical capabilitiesallow the customers to easily gain access to the Airline’s services and enjoysatisfactory flights (Martin, 2016). The customers can easily book airlinetickets online, check any other available airline services on the company’swebsite. Delta Airline has usedits competitive advantage introduce automated phone systems that have created aunique framework for communication for the customers and the deliverymanagement. This airline company uses the IVR to manage its calls and ensurethat the customers receive information without any delays or bias (HellerBaird, 2011).  These services haveallowed the company to gain a loyal following. Moreover, Delta Airline has usedits competitive advantage to smoothen its operations and maintain an equitableworking culture. Ideally, the company has fostered a suitable environment byensuring that its workplace upholds high morals and ethical standards.

Deltahas highly invested in ensuring the employees are fully engaged and in returnincrease the increase in productivity. Satisfied employees are highlydependable in the provision of services to the final consumers. ConclusionDelta Airlines is a highperforming global corporation in today’s Airline industry. Over the years, thecompany has improved its operational activities and has, in turn, gained a vastcustomer base. The advancement in technology and the evolvement in consumerdemands has influenced the Airline Company to adopt strategic imperatives andgain a long-lasting competitive advantage.

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